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We work with some of the world's most influential organizations, including over 40 companies on the Fortune 500. (View our client list and testimonials)

About Bates

At Bates, our mission is to help leaders influence the world.

Our clients are global companies and top executives who have the desire and ability to make an impact on business and society. Through our unique lens on leadership, executive presence, and communication, we help leaders translate vision into exceptional results. Through executive coaching, organizational consulting, and learning programs, our clients maximize their ability to assert influence, inspire commitment, and ignite action.

In 2014, we launched the Bates ExPI (Executive Presence Index), the first-ever research-based, validated assessment tool to measure a leader’s ability and capacity to make an impact. The Bates model defines executive presence in 15 facets, combining scientific rigor and deep analysis with a practical, sensible, business-oriented approach to defining the “x-factor” in leadership.

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