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How to "Wow" the Board of Directors in Three Minutes or Less

Posted on Tue, Aug 18, 2015

By Craig Bentley, Vice President

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Restraint: Cool Thoughts on a Hot-Button Issue

Posted on Tue, Jul 21, 2015

By Scott Weighart, Director of Learning and Development

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a meeting feeling frustrated with a conversation that seemed to be going in circles?  The answer seems so clear, but people are talking, not doing!  High-energy, go-go, get-it-done people often find the pace of discussion and decision making is maddeningly slow.  And in these situations, our frustration and impatience can be written all over our faces.
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5 Strategies for Dressing Well When the Cameras Roll

Posted on Tue, Jun 23, 2015

By Mary Lou Andre, Bates Executive Image & Style Expert

In the era of YouTube, video chat, and Go-to-Meeting, most professionals need to be camera-ready as part of their day-to-day responsibilities. If your job entails media interviews, the need to have an on-camera look that instantly creates a credible, confident and worthy-of-attention persona is even higher. 

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What My Financial Advisor Taught Me About Leadership

Posted on Mon, Jun 15, 2015

By Michael Seitchik, Bates Associate

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Posted on Thu, Apr 16, 2015

By Suzanne Bates

The economy is humming in the US, and yet as I travel around and meet with leadership teams what I hear, barely concealed beneath the surface of polite strategy conversations, is essentially, fear. The fundamentals are undeniably strong, yet many in senior management are waking up in the morning looking for the other shoe to drop any second. As a friend of mine says, "too many people start the day ready for a long, slow crawl through enemy territory."

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Practicing Restraint When Things Go Awry

Posted on Wed, Apr 15, 2015

By Meghan McGrath

About a year and a half ago I moved out of my suburban hometown and into Boston. I was lucky enough to find a charming apartment with lots of character that was conveniently located right next to the T (Boston's subway system), and not too far from the office. On the whole it was one of the best decisions of my life…until recently when we were hit with four major snowstorms (and counting). What I didn’t realize or appreciate about city life until recently, is that unlike in the suburbs, there's just no place to put the snow. 

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The Snow Blower

Posted on Mon, Apr 13, 2015

By Suzanne Bates

Having lived in four-season climates most of my life, I’m no stranger to the daunting task of moving snow.  I’ve shoveled in Illinois, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. The only thing that has changed is that technology now alerts us far sooner to what’s coming and alarms us far more about the energy we’ll need to apply to the task of digging out.

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Posted on Thu, Apr 9, 2015

I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Seville, Spain, in the region known as Andalusia, where Spanish tapas were invented. Nobody knows the true origin of tapas, though there are many theories, some of which originate from a belief that small bites of food served with every glass of wine or beer absorb alcohol. In Seville, one theory is that King Felipe the Third noticed the work rate and performance of his subjects suffered when they were inebriated, so he began ordering small plates to increase productivity. Another theory is that King Felipe invented it for the Spanish armies to prevent hangovers after the soldiers spent late nights out on the town.

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On Becoming

Posted on Mon, Apr 6, 2015

By Suzanne Bates,

I was attending a conference on Thought Leadership along with consultants from 7 different countries. The featured speaker was Democratic consultant/commentator James Carville. It was about two weeks before the US mid-term elections, so there was electricity in the air. If you live in the US, and you’ve seen James on TV anytime in the last 20 or so years, you know he doesn’t need caffeine or energy boosters. He’s a fireball wrapped in an electric storm wrapped in a hurricane, a guy who shocks every room he enters with a jolt of pure energy.
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Growing Your Business: Why Executive Presence Matters

Posted on Thu, Apr 2, 2015

By Suzanne Bates

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