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Appreciating Who You Are… Not Just What You Can Do

school lockers

By Scott Weighart, Director of Learning and Development

If you can think back to when you were 14 years old, you’ll probably recall many moments of feeling unsure of yourself.

Developing a Growth Mindset about Executive Presence

teacher%27s pet

By Meredith Courtney, Vice President, Client Solutions 

I’ll admit it, way back in elementary school, I was the token “smart kid” at the lunch table. You know, the teacher’s pet, the one who always raises their hand with the right answer. If you’d asked others to describe me at age 6, the word “smart” would have been numero uno on the list of attributes. This helped me win most of my pleas for a new Barbie doll or that New Kids on the Block cassette tape. Admittedly, being the teacher’s pet did not bode as well in the popularity contest. But first-grade social status aside, could my goody two-shoes “label” have had a negative impact on my self-perception? I recently came across a study that had me wondering.

What the Great American Buffalo Can Teach Us about Leadership


By Craig Bentley, Vice President and Executive Coach

A while back, a business acquaintance recommended a book to me entitled Buffalo for the Broken Heart by Dan O’Brien. 

The Ultimate Team Experience


By Scott Weighart, Director of Learning and Development

When I was 22, life was fantastic but a little crazy. Each day, I worked as a substitute teacher in Boston Public Schools. Four nights a week, I took evening classes as a full-time MBA student. But from Friday afternoon through Sunday, my main priority was playing on the Ultimate Frisbee team at Boston University. That had a great deal to do with how special it was to be a member of that particular team.

Head, Heart, and Hands: A Model for Thoughtful Leadership

three elements

By Bill Macaux, Vice President of Executive Development

Over the last few months, we’ve been completing a pilot study of a new assessment tool, the Bates Executive Presence Index (ExPI). This is the first-ever scientific assessment of executive presence and influence, so we’re excited about it.

Bates Announces New Assessment Tool to Measure Executive Presence

Bates Logo 2014 Grey   Copy

Bates Announces First-Ever Research-Based, Scientifically Validated Assessment Tool for Identifying Executive Presence and Influence

Three Tips for Closing the Execution Gap in the Planning Process


Restraint: A Virtue of Leadership

describe the image

By Bill Macaux, Vice President of Executive Development

We are familiar with the themes of emotional intelligence (Daniel Goleman), humility (Jim Collins), and resonance (Richard Boyatizis & Annie McKee) in the leadership literature. These authors remind us that active-assertive energies alone do not explain exemplary leadership.

Crisis Leadership Can Turn the Worst of Times into the Best of Times


By Scott Weighart, Director of Learning and Development

Six Strategies for Building a Professional Image that Drives Business Results

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With Mary Lou Andre, Bates Professional Image and Style Expert

Professional image is an expression of who you are as a leader. Mary Lou Andre, one of the top image consultants in the country, is now bringing decades of executive image expertise to the Bates leadership community as a new Affiliate. Mary Lou advises men and women in the art of professional image, coaching them to convey an authentic, professional brand through wardrobe and style. Here, she offers six tips on building a wardrobe that reflects your substance as a leader.

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