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Sales Lessons from a College Tour

college tour

By Scott Weighart, Director of Learning and Development

My daughter is starting her senior year of high school, so she is already getting to be a wily veteran of college tours.  So after we wrapped up a tour at a top university a few weeks back, I was eager to hear her critique.

Challenge-Development Curve Q & A

Challenge Development Curve WB with Title

As a leader, you face challenges of all levels of magnitude every day. The Challenge-Development Curve is a useful model we use at Bates to help capture the opportunities and risks for leaders when they reach key “inflection points” in their careers.  We interviewed our Vice President of Executive Development, Bill Macaux, asking him to reflect on leadership challenges and how they show up within organizations.

The Five-Second Rule for Creating PowerPoint Visuals


By Scott Weighart, Director of Learning and Development

Earlier this summer, I attended a conference and saw a presentation that was memorable—but not in a good way.

The Importance of Amplifying Executive Presence


By Scott Weighart, Director of Learning and Development

Imagine this unlikely scenario: You’ve been asked to sing the national anthem in front of 50,000 fans in a baseball stadium.  You know how to sing, and you proceed with confidence.

The Look of Leadership: Five Style Tips for Men

men's style tips

By Mary Lou Andre, Style and Professional Image Expert

#1   Don’t Dismiss the Power of Formal Suiting.  Even if you work in a business casual environment, don’t neglect this area of your wardrobe.  Always have at least one dark neutral suit that fits you well at your current weight and makes you feel your personal best.  In addition to professional events where formal suiting is the best choice, life also happens – weddings, funerals and the like.  Don’t compromise the power of being properly attired when it might matter most for you and the people you love.

Six Great Ways to Start Your Presentation

Great Ways to Start (3)

By Meghan McGrath, Marketing and PR Associate

Are You Reading This? Summer Reading Recommendations for Leaders


Dealing with Dilemmas


By Michael Seitchik, Associate

The other day I took my two grandchildren out for a walk. My four-year-old grandson was riding his bike, and my two-year-old granddaughter was riding in a coach.  After three blocks, my grandson got tired of riding his bike and wanted to join his sister in the two-person coach.  No problem. But then my granddaughter wanted to ride the bike. Not only was the bike way too big for her, but she didn’t know how to ride a bike!

What Matters When You're Leading Leaders

Scott Soccer

By Scott Weighart, Director of Learning and Development

A few weeks ago, my five-year career of coaching youth soccer came to an end.  My son will be starting high school in the fall, and our town’s soccer program ends after kids complete eighth grade. 

Handling Bad News

bad news resized

By Scott Weighart, Director of Learning and Development

As you may have heard, a real tragedy happened in Boston in late March. Two firefighters died in the line of duty when a nine-alarm blaze ravaged a building in the Back Bay. Since it happened, there has been a good amount of media attention amidst finger pointing about who is to blame for the fire.

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