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Thoughts for Tuesday

Thoughts on leadership and the power of communication.

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march madness

March Madness is a religious holiday in my household. College basketball is on. This year will be especially crazy, since my husband’s alma mater is Syracuse, which was on a 25-0 run until they lost a couple of games.

Humble Beginnings

huble beginnings image

Have you seen this new commercial for Dell? It’s a simple slide show–a series of photos of tiny, unremarkable places where great companies were born.

Zig Zag Leadership

Zig Zag

Just about every morning in the early years when I was building my business, I was the first there and the last to leave. A good part of the day I was ensconced in my office, making calls, sending notes, talking to clients, writing articles, going over sales, managing the budget. We had a small enough group that I could see everybody just by sticking my head out the door.

Holiday Thoughts


As I was thinking about my last message in 2013, I came across a poem by M. Jolynn Rawson Hunter, titled True Joy:

The View from Hong Kong - Executive Presence for Globally Aware Leaders

Hong Kong

If I had a penny for every time a client has said, "We have global offices, but we aren't a truly global company," I could pay for a first-class trip around the world staying at the finest luxury hotels.  It finally hit me this week that asking how to become a truly global company is the wrong question.

Climbing- How to Reach Your Business Goals and Still Keep Your Cool


At a friend's 60th birthday party, I was introduced to his 13-year-old. "What do you like to do?" I inquired.  "Well, I play soccer, but my favorite sport is rock climbing," he replied.  This kid lives in Brooklyn, New York, and the last time I was there, I didn't see any outdoor rock formations.  Yet a Google search turns up a number of cool indoor courses.  It turns out that many  schools offer competitive climbing as a letter sport.  Kids like my new friend compete both as individuals and as a team.

Thinner Next Year: Nine Tips for Feeling Lighter and Freer at Work

Thinner Next Year

My friends and colleagues know I am over the moon about the book I recommend to everyone called Younger Next Year, an amazing guide to turning back the physiological clock and having more energy, vitality and good health than you've had in years. The big "aha" is cardio exercise, unfailingly, 6 days a week, where you get your heart rate up and sweat. It's amazing, really. I've been doing it for months. This stuff works.

The King's Speech - The Power of Leadership Influence


A World Series win, even for a team that seems to have destiny and momentum on its side, is a remarkable thing. To be the greatest team in baseball you have to have more than talent, as teams have proven again and again. The moon and stars must align. Athletes recruited to the effort must gel and build the right alchemy; they must together navigate the ups and downs of a season with grit and fortitude; they must unite to fend off the mercurial support of fans with a carefree lightness, and teach each other and themselves to believe. 

A Performance Review is More Than a Performance Review

A Performance Review . (1)

I don’t know if you’ve ever had the experience of witnessing the “last of the generation" in your family pass on. Of course it is a sad day. Everybody recalling the good times, and the not-so-good. When you walk into the room, and see all the folks – family and friends, there’s this magical moment when everybody realizes that what you’re really there to do is celebrate a life.      

When You Are Lost


It can happen more quickly than you think. One minute you’re enjoying a lovely hike through the woods, and next thing you know, you seem to be off the trail and clueless.  This is what happened to me last week when I happened upon the trail sign: Frog Pond. 

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