Your Communication Style

Learn How to Strategically Communicate with People of Any Style!

This course utilizes the BEST Profile to allow participants to assess their own communication style - Bold, Expressive, Sympathetic or Technical. Participants learn how to adapt to others’ styles to communicate more effectively, build better relationships, and be more influential. They discover the assets and liabilities of each style, and realize that all styles are needed for an organization to work together successfully. This is a great workshop both for people who are building relationships, as well as for those who are meeting clients, partner companies, and influencers.

During the workshop, participants:

  • identify their own communication style
  • identify their colleagues’ communication style
  • learn to appreciate other styles and understand their needs
  • help each other communicate more effectively with people who have different styles

This is a fun, engaging, yet highly educational and practical session that can also be used for team building.

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