Mary Lou Andre

Mary Lou Andre photo - 2016-1-1

Executive image management is an essential aspect of communication, one that must be part of every leader's brand. Understanding and communicating through your professional wardrobe is essential to your success.  Mary Lou Andre is a nationally renowned expert at helping leaders authentically communicate who they are and what they stand for.  As an affiliate of Bates, Mary Lou brings decades of experience to her work, distinguished by her thoughtful, sophisticated and systematic approach to executive image management.  She works with clients to guide them in developing an overall presence and physical demeanor aligned with their position.

Bates clients rave that the result of working with Mary Lou and her team is the confidence they feel each time they walk into a room. They are able to make excellent wardrobe choices for a variety of occasions, and spend less time shopping, managing and figuring what to wear.  They also experience the true power of a polished, appropriate, integrated approach to dress.  The objective for every client is to stand out by fitting in perfectly, using wardrobe as a strategic tool that influences others.  The philosophy is that each leader should stand out in a competitive business environment, and project a confident, authentic style.

Mary Lou's team is fluent in helping our clients be prepared for every situation, and they work equally with men and women. From business casual to business evening, resort and event dressing, they provide their clients with a roadmap for evaluating, shopping and maintaining a complete executive wardrobe.

Mary Lou is the author of Ready to Wear:  An Expert’s Guide to Choosing & Using Your Wardrobe. She is also a sought after corporate advisor and expert on professional dress codes and corporate image issues.  She delivers seminars to our corporate clients as well as our public programs, and has a long list of Fortune 500 clients.  She is frequently quoted in publications ranging from The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune and The Washington Post, and has appeared on ABC World News Now, CBS, The Early Show, and CNN

To learn more about Mary Lou’s executive coaching services and the professional image packages we have designed exclusively for Bates clients, contact your Bates consultant or a member of our professional development team. 

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