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Deliver On the Promise: Assuring a Great Customer Experience

Posted on Wed, Jul 16, 2008

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By Sarah Woods

You’ve invested months of your time and a significant amount of your marketing budget to develop a killer brand. The name, the logo, the tagline, the messaging – all top notch. The advertising is fresh and compelling, your website is up to date, brochures are out on the market, and it’s all coming together. Your team is doing an incredible job of communicating how valuable you are to your prospective customers.

You are making a promise – a promise that if your customer chooses to do business with you, they will experience a difference. And they want to believe you! They’re buying that promise after all, aren’t they?

But who will they really interact with at your company? Who will they talk to as they journey through the life of their relationship with your products and services? Will it be marketing? Sales? Customer service? Billing? Delivery personnel? Consultants? Support and service? Who will deliver on the promise they bought?

As you take on the significant task of communicating your unique brand promise to your customer, invest time to deliver that same message to every member of your company.

  • Build a Culture: Work with your senior leadership to determine what that promise means to their area of responsibility
  • Make it Real: Decide how it will be communicated through the interactions their own teams have with the customer
  • Talk the Talk: Create a common language to be used by every customer-facing member of your company – a language that is familiar, that supports the brand promise you made, and reassures your customer that your entire company is “on the same page”
  • Walk the Walk: Train your entire company in the behaviors they should exhibit to ensure that they are keeping the promises made

Taking the time to communicate your unique brand value and the promises that have been made to your entire staff will have them all singing from the same songbook, and delivering great customer experience.


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