It has been months since we faced down the impending pandemic and hoped it would not last. After several quarters of shutdowns and disruption we feel the heavy toll. Yet smart companies are becoming bolder. They are acting decisively. They know this is the time to drive innovation and growth. To do this requires leaders who can see a future and align people to make it happen. And with the stakes higher than ever, those leaders want mentoring, coaching, and real support to ensure their success.

This is precisely why we have seen a significant uptick in demand for executive coaching. It may be counterintuitive, but hiring a coach is a proven strategy in volatile times. You invest in people when you need them to rise to the challenge and deliver results.

Risk is high and time is short

Raji, a technology CIO leading a cloud product launch that will transform the company’s position in the marketplace, brought in a coach to accelerate the work. The coach is helping him guide his team through a complex set of decisions that will define how quickly the company moves and captures market share.

Stefan, SVP of a supply chain that has been disrupted by the global downturn, sought a coach to help him drive the transformation they need to shift their business model. The process needs end to end change, his team is highly motivated but relatively inexperienced, and they need to come together to get it done. His coach is helping him prioritize and pinpoint where to focus to have the biggest impact and align the troops most effectively.

Karin, a manufacturing CFO, is leading a finance restructuring that must be completed rapidly with minimal disruption to operations. She is simultaneously driving a mandate to get closer to the business, guiding her team to align with business leaders, which is a new way of thinking for them. The coach is helping her manage competing priorities and deal with complexity so both initiatives are successful.

These leaders are working with coaches because these initiatives are critical to the future.

5 reasons to hire a coach now

1. Coaching drives faster, real-time results

A great executive coach is business savvy, and business focused. The coach begins with the end in mind. Their outside perspective allows the coach to see the path unencumbered by organizational history or self-imposed limits. Company goals and priorities define the structure of the engagement. The coach guides the leader in making key decisions, and driving results, while developing sophisticated leadership skills.   

2. You have an insurance policy for “too big to fail” initiatives

You cannot be there all the time and you need to know you have backup for your top people. A coach will help them work through initial questions so they can come to you with solutions, not problems. Coaches are there to discuss sensitive issues so that your time with the leader is well spent.

3. Coaching creates a psychological safety net for taking smart risk

Leaders with big roles are promoted for their “can-do” attitude. They get things done. But behind the scenes, they worry and lose sleep. When the learning curve is steep, stress can drain a leader of energy and creativity, just when they need to make bold moves and be at their peak. A coach provides the leader with confidence to try new approaches while remaining relaxed, focused, and positive.

4. Savvy outside perspective gives you confidence in uncertain times

A great coach has been there and seen it all, and is less surprised at the inevitable ups, downs, and curveballs. They bring a mature perspective. Coaches should never solve a leader’s problems, but they should guide the thought process and make decision making faster, easier, and more effective. As leaders develop their critical thinking skills, they gain clarity and certainty in facing the unfamiliar.

5. Leaders do not like to waste time

Now more than ever, leaders must deliver results and their competitors are working just as hard as they are. They and their organizations cannot afford to sit back and “see how it goes.” They need to solve problems “yesterday” because so much is at stake. With the guidance of a coach, leaders can think fast, and think smart, and make sure they are laser-focused on the most important challenges.

The time to move is now, the moment is here, and your leaders need support. Your future depends it. Coaching is designed to help leaders become all they can be, so organizations can thrive. Visit us to learn more about our executive coaching services or write to us to talk about the needs of your organization at

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