Delivering on sustainable growth remains elusive and challenging across the economy. What does this mean for leaders? The phrase “grow or die” has never been truer. Every company must find their path to drive a growth strategy and execute on it.

Our analysis found certain facets of executive presence are statistically stronger in leaders in high growth companies. We narrowed down the field by looking at specific behaviors within the difference-making facets. Each behavior is measured by an item in the Bates ExPI™ assessment survey. Out of 90 behaviors, 29 had statistical significance – high growth leaders were higher rated by the peers, direct reports, manager and directors of leaders in growth companies. When we look more closely at these, there is a subset of 9 “super” behaviors in the Character and Substance realm where leaders in high growth companies particularly outperform all other leaders.

Check out the infographic below to uncover these "super" 9 behaviors of high growth leaders and learn more about why growth matters to companies. 

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