A CEO candidate – one of 3 internal options at this global manufacturing company – was extremely highly regarded as a leader and as a person by the organization, the CEO and the Board. His leadership skills and widespread success within the organization made him the frontrunner. However, the current CEO had identified specific obstacles that could derail an otherwise strong candidacy despite his stellar reputation. A life-long learner, he seized on the opportunity to work with a coach to rapidly get back on track.


Bates launched an ExPITM assessment to gather actionable data on the leader’s gaps to inform the coaching intervention. The action plan called for him to dial up his interaction and communication with two key audiences: the global organization, and the Board. Partnering with the coach, he got to work with both work streams, building trust, articulating and communicating his vision for the company, and connecting more deeply with the organization. 


Building on his new knowledge about the difference-makers and a targeted action plan, the leader was able to make small changes in his behavior with big impacts, and at surprising speed. As a result, he was offered the CEO role, and started his tenure with even stronger support and buy-in than he believed possible.  He has since delivered on the bottom-line growth and organizational change initiatives to position the company for the next era of growth and innovation.


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