A senior leadership team of a health insurer needed to adapt to a rapidly evolving and uncertain regulatory environment and manage the growth they were experiencing. Internal competition among the team members was resulting in confusion in the marketplace about their products and services. Their customers were opting for competitor’s products because of the confusion the company was creating about their own offerings.


Bates worked with the individual leaders on their own ability to work more effectively with their colleagues.  Using input from the LTPITM, we also worked with the team to help make crisp, executable decisions. We facilitated a working session between the silos to resolve differences they had to clarify the messages they had out in the market. We helped them shift to see the greater good was to focus on the enterprise. The team members were able to chart a path forward that they all agreed on – a first for the team.


This work increased the team’s commitment to doing what was good for the organization, which positioned them to more effectively steer the company’s growth and competitive advantage. The team leader has noted a significant shift in the way the team is operating. Members of the team who had previously been working in silos were now collaborating with one another, which reduced the leader’s time spent on intervening and allowed him to focus on other aspects of the business and create more value.


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