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5 Best Practices to Lead Virtually in Crisis and Beyond

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How Smart Executives Can Lead Their Teams through the Global COVID-19 Crisis

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Case Study: Leveraging ExPI™ Certification In-House

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How to Make Conflict Constructive

If You’re Leading an Underperforming Team, Here’s What You May Be Overlooking

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CEO Advisory: Words of Wisdom from Growth Leaders

The One-Minute Speech

Case Study: Leadership Succession to Secure the Company's Future

The Power of a Story

You Can't Go At It Alone: How a Great Team Can Be the Antidote to Loneliness

C-Level Execs: Walk Away from the Keyboard

Overcoming In and Out Groups in Teams

The New Business Mandate: Leadership Analytics that Drive the Strategy Forward

Building the Right Boat: How Leadership Teams Can Better Navigate the Tides

Master Your Demons: Uncovering Leadership Blind Spots

Epic Fail:  The Surprising Reasons Why Coaching Doesn’t Work

Belonging: The Path to Speaking Up When You See Bias

The Long and Short of It: Build Your Organization One Quarter at a Time

Step Back to Leap Forward: Why Leaders Need to Pause Often to Take Stock

Case Study: Advising a Top CEO Candidate on Closing the Gap to Step into the Role

Case Study: Aligning the Executive Team to Deliver on Growth and Competitive Position

The Power and Impact of Executive Presence

Dressing From The Waist Up:  Four Easy Ways to Master Executive Presence On Video Calls

Coaching Hacks: “So, What’s New in Your Practice?” How to Be a Top Echelon Coach in a Crowded Field

Case Study: Creating a Successful Skip-level Business C-Suite Transition

Being Authentic: Does Your LinkedIn Profile Reflect Who You Really Are?

Coaching Executives to Lead Their Companies to Growth

Get Your Senior Executives to Agree So You Can Get Work Done

The Habits of CEO Success: Are you Solving the Very Problems Your Team Should be Solving?

Incredibly Unpopular Advice for CEOs and Executive Teams Leading Change:  Slow Down

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Special Report: The Future of HR Analytics

Webinar: Why Smart Data Isn't on the Business Dashboard

Case Study: Preparing an Aspiring CFO to Ascend to the Role

The Secret Nobody Tells Experienced Leaders About Meeting Big Goals

Do You Bring Light or Heat? 3 Steps to Ensuring You Display Grace Under Pressure

CEO Communication: What to Say, When You Really Can’t Say

Case Study: Elevating C-Suite Relationship Selling

Are you the CEO? Calm down.

Case Study: Increasing Team Performance to Accelerate Business Model Transformation

Get to the Truth from Your Team in 5 Simple Steps

Put on the Brakes: Tips for Keeping Your Cool in a Crisis

Webinar: Diversity and Inclusion are Table Stakes

Case Study: Building a Winning Profile for Executive Talent

Helpfully Wrong: How Inaccurate Criticism Can Improve Your Thinking

Why Today's Problems Need Both/ And Thinking

What’s the Right Way to Get the Most Value from Your Executive Advisor?

7 Strategies for Becoming CEO: How to Position Yourself for the Top Job

What to Do as Number One, and Number Two: Navigating the Most Important Business Relationship of Your Life

Embrace Failure to Let Your Team Grow

Your Leadership Roadmap

Leading with Both Sides of Your Brain: Why Strategic Thinking is No Longer Enough

How to Respond to Surprising Negative Feedback:  What To Do When Your Boss Rates You Lower Than Everyone Else

Webinar: How Strong is Your Team?

Rethinking Leadership: Understanding the "Genius" of Your Team

Special Report: Transformational Change

The Danger of Saying Yes: How Doing It All Minimizes Your Leadership

9 Differentiating Behaviors of High Growth Leaders

Case Study: Transforming the Team to Lead Transformation

Making Business Casual Work for You and Your Company

Busyness is Laziness:  The Drawbacks of a Crazy Calendar

What CEOs Wished They Knew

Special Report: Taking Your Team from Good to Great

The High Price of Being a Low Energy Leader

The Problem Is We Don’t Agree There’s a Problem:  Why You’re Struggling to Influence

If You Want Growth, Stretch More and Learn

Executive Stamina:  How Leaders Stay Energized in an Always-On World

The 4 Big Mistakes in Working with Teams

How to Unlock Your Team’s Resilience in the Face of Overwhelming Change

How to Set Free the Genius of Your Team

Special Report: A New Era for EOS

Before You Say No: Leadership Trumps Functional Expertise to Deliver Change

Closing the Gender Gap: Insights Gleaned About the Future of the Workplace

The One Thing Senior Leaders Must Do to Have a Great Second Half of 2018

Why Leaders Should Be Thinking Ahead About AI

Leadership Communication Lessons in the Year of the World Cup

Webinar: Leadership Secrets of High Growth Companies

“Up Until Now!”: How to Deal With “I Can’t”

Restraint: It Helped to Lack it...Until You Got Promoted

How Executive Presence Gaps Put Your Business Goals at Risk

Webinar: The Future of the Workplace

Introducing the Bates LTPI™: Defining What Makes a Team “High Performing” Today

The Thank You Trap: The Business Cost of Being Too Deferential

3 Financial Services Leadership Hacks: Nailing the Trust Challenge

It’s Time to Upset the Apple Cart:  Why Companies Need Leaders Who Will Go There

How to Deal with Difficult People in Meetings

Special Report: Leadership Secrets of High Growth Companies

The Danger of “One-Size-Fits-All” for Advancing Women Leaders

Command the Room: Speak Like a CEO

The Golden Globes: A Lesson in Style & Influence

4 Proven Ways to Develop and Communicate Your Vision

How Leaders Can Create New Year’s Resolutions That Will Last Through 2018

Why Executives Sabotage Their Own Innovation Initiatives

Developing Diverse Leaders: It’s on All of Us

Know Better: Jumpstarting the Impact of Your Executive Presence

Leading Through Change?  Try Predictability

5 Tips for Driving Innovation in 2018

Is Your Pushing Forward Holding Your Company Back?

How Bad Companies Get Better: The Formula for Brand Recovery

Bridge the Gap from Strategy to Execution

Leading Innovative Teams: It’s Not What You Think

Leading Through Reorganization: Mind the Culture Gap

The Missing Link for Women and Influence? It’s Not You, It’s the Company!

Do You Want to be Loved or Trusted?

What’s Wrong with Innovation Leadership? Not Thinking INSIDE the Box

Leading Through Turbulence? 5 Tips that Work

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Expect the Unexpected

Special Report: A Brief Overview of the Bates Model of Executive Presence

2017 Leadership Trends: The NEW Sales Professional in the C-Suite

Is Preparing for Losers?  Why Preparation is The Dirty Little Secret Inside Organizations

Special Report: The Power of Executive Presence

Special Report: We Have a Problem, and That's a Good Thing!

Webinar: From Jalopy to Jaguar

2017 Leadership Trends: A Gap in Critical Thinking Skills

Weighing Talent vs. Toxicity: Tackling a Common Leadership Conundrum

Picture Perfect: Getting a Headshot You’ll be Proud to Post

You’re in the Leadership Sand Trap: How to Recover and Drive to the Hole

Tips for Meeting in the Middle on Generational Differences at Work

What We Can Do to Mentor the Next Generation of Leaders

Inspiring Through Turmoil: Don’t Hunker Down!

Turning Lemons into Lemonade: 7 Way to Use Negative Feedback to Your Advantage

Trends: What Will Get a CEO Fired in 2017?

The Future of the Workplace Survey: Insights from Millennials

Why You Need to Jump on the Storytelling Bandwagon: Leadership Lessons from a Millennial Podcast Enthusiast

New Research: A Common Mistake Leaders Make When Conflict Arises

Avoid the Void: Why and How to Amplify Your Authenticity

Suzanne Bates, Best Selling Author, CEO Advisor, Keynote Speaker and Media Commentator

Developing Women Leaders: It’s Time to Move Beyond One Size Fits All

Overcoming Triangulation: How to Stop that Toxic Backchanneling

Thoughts on Strategic Execution

Webinar: How to Lead Innovation When You Don't Have Any Ideas

C-Suite Communication: What Your CEO Respects and Wants

Bringing Vision into Focus: Five Tips to Tackle Leaders’ Weakest Link

Creating Alchemy with a Virtual Team: 7 Mindset Practices that Work

The 2 Most Critical Qualities You Need to Recover from Mistakes

Embracing Fearless Disruption

4 Tips for Overcoming Silos: The Power of Creating Collaboration

The Execution Gap: The Hidden Downstream Expense of Poor Communication

How to Keep Your Team Connected When You Don’t Have the Time

10 Tips to Seize the Opportunity to Make the Presentation of Your Career

It’s the Year of the Leadership Roller Coaster – Trends and Predictions

The Trust Equation

Speak Like a CEO Boot Camp: Virtual Program Tour

Great Leadership Style: The Power of Intentionality

Leadership Challenge: Deciding Who Decides

All the Leader You Can Be: A Conversation

Engage, Inspire, and Move People to Act! The 15 Indisputable Qualities of Executive Presence

Strategic Execution: Six Practices for Team Success

How Men Can Help Unlock the Secret to Advancing Women in Leadership

Nailing the C-Suite Conversation: How to Improve Your Batting Average

What Your Leadership Team Needs to Do to Make an Acquisition Successful

“Do You Feel Like This Every Day?” From Inclusion to Belonging

Who Wants Change?  And When Do We Want It?

What to Do When You Get Criticism from your Team

Guiding Your Leadership Team to Make the Call

Special Report: Women in Leadership

Overcoming the Digital Transformation Hurdle: The 3 "I"s of Execution

Video - How Each Woman Can Leverage Her Own Unique Executive Presence

Strategy is a Team Sport: Getting Your Team Aligned and Ready for the Game

Is Your Leadership Brand Ready for the New Workforce? Cultivating a Brand that "Clicks"

Elevating the C-Suite Conversation through Executive Presence

Leading Your Team in 2017: 3 Ways to Be More Productive

Trends: New Research on Confidence in Leadership

2017: The One Quality of Executive Presence that will Matter Most to Leaders This Year

Leadership Fitness: Sticking with your Resolutions in 2017

Special Report: The Confident Leader

ExPI Testimonial

What Millennials Want in a Leader

Election Day

3 Tips for Getting Your Leadership Team Aligned

Women and the Confidence Game

Executive Presence Checklist: What are Your Strengths?

Special Report: Championing Innovation

Assessing the Executive Presence of Alexander Hamilton: Using a 21st-Century Lens on an 18th-Century Leader

Leave No Man Behind

Gaudi's Vision

Welcoming Sean Costa to the Bates Team

When Things Go Awry

The Skinny on Men's Suit Shopping: 7 Best Practices for Suiting up in Style

Understanding “Over-Strengths” in Executive Presence:  Can You Have Too Much of a Good Thing?

Video: What is Executive Presence?

Vision: a Dream or a Nightmare?


Webinar: Talent and Coaching

Webinar: Accelerating Team Performance

Never Too Late


Meeting Canceled

There's No Golf Tee in Team

The Marathon

Garbage In, Garbage Out

The Missing Pieces

Do You Have Any Tongs?

Resonance: The Art of Forging Meaningful Connections

Is Hosiery History?

Can You Have Too Much Integrity?

Inclusiveness: Giving Your Team Enough Voices to Create a Chorus

How to "Wow" the Board of Directors in Three Minutes or Less

Restraint: Cool Thoughts on a Hot-Button Issue

Preparing an Action-Oriented, Fast Driving Leader for the CEO Role

Connecting the Dots between Executive Presence and a Leader's Impact

5 Strategies for Dressing Well When the Cameras Roll

What My Financial Advisor Taught Me About Leadership

Case Study - Turning Transactional Vendors into Strategic Partners


Practicing Restraint When Things Go Awry

The Snow Blower


On Becoming

Growing Your Business: Why Executive Presence Matters

Video: The Art and Science of Executive Presence

Train Your Eye

The Secret to Building High Performing Teams

All That and a Box of Rocks

Five Tips for Looking Polished on Camera

Do You Have Tongs?

An “Unnecessary” Ski Lesson

Your Future CEO is Today’s Trivia Crack Champ

Dealing with the Challenges of Remote Interviews: How to be Authentic When You Aren’t Face-to-Face

Executive Presence: Why it's so Tricky to Address

Survey Says: The Perils of One-Way Communication

The Constellation of Presence: Appreciating What Makes Leaders Shine

Taking Time to Celebrate

Doing the Right Thing

What’s Naughty and Nice When It Comes to Choosing How To Communicate

Getting Ready to Come Out Swinging in 2015

Confidence: The Most Misunderstood Facet of Executive Presence

Don’t Just Check the Box: How to Get More Out of Your Next Performance Review

Growing Your Business: Why Executive Presence Matters

How to Channel Executive Presence (feat. in Marie Claire)

The Missing Link in Employee Engagement

Executive Presence: How to Define, Assess and Cultivate it

The Secret to Building High Performing Teams

How Metrics Can Be a Driving Force


Sales Lessons from a College Tour

Challenge-Development Curve Q & A

The Five-Second Rule for Creating PowerPoint Visuals


Cars that Drive Themselves

The Look of the Anchor Woman

The Importance of Amplifying Executive Presence

The Look of Leadership: Five Style Tips for Men

Six Great Ways to Start Your Presentation

Are You Reading This? Summer Reading Recommendations for Leaders

Dealing with Dilemmas

What Matters When You're Leading Leaders

Handling Bad News

Five Easy Ways to Improve Your Work Performance through Fitness

On Safari… and Way Out of My Comfort Zone

Keep Your Mickey Mouse Watch

What Alan Mulally Teaches Us About Executive Presence

A Millennial's Perspective - What Leaders Need to Know Before 2025

Halfway There

Extreme Makeover - Senior Leader Addition

What Leaders Need to Know about Blind Spots

Thoughts for Tuesday: Leadership Pathways

Appreciating Who You Are… Not Just What You Can Do

47 Yes - 5 No

What the Great American Buffalo Can Teach Us about Leadership

The Ultimate Team Experience

Head, Heart, and Hands: A Model for Thoughtful Leadership

Bates Announces New Assessment Tool to Measure Executive Presence

Three Tips for Closing the Execution Gap in the Planning Process

Restraint: A Virtue of Leadership

Crisis Leadership Can Turn the Worst of Times into the Best of Times

Six Strategies for Building a Professional Image that Drives Business Results

Why Connection Trumps Precision in Executive Presentations

Listening and the Communicative Leader

How to Earn a Gold Medal in Executive Presence

Humble Beginnings

Zig Zag Leadership

Culture, Leadership & Performance: On Leading Change in Health Care

Diamonds in the Rough: Breaking Down Executive Presence

Presentation Style: How to Use Your Eyes, Voice, and Gestures to Win Over an Audience

With the Lever of Influence, You Can Move the World

Character: Its Role in Executive Presence

Bates Navigation System

Holiday Thoughts

Change Management Communication: The Importance of Intentionality

The View from Hong Kong - Executive Presence for Globally Aware Leaders

Climbing- How to Reach Your Business Goals and Still Keep Your Cool

Thinner Next Year: Nine Tips for Feeling Lighter and Freer at Work

The King's Speech - The Power of Leadership Influence

A Performance Review is More Than a Performance Review

When You Are Lost

Living Knowledge

Balance, Moment to Moment

Leading Millennials - How to Motivate and Engage the New Workforce

Passion Never Fades

On the Tarmac

The Guide: Five Keys to “Future State GPS” En Route to the Summit

If You’re Driving for Results, Think GPS

Employee Engagement Ideas: Good News for Companies Facing Bad News

Big, Bad, and Booming

95 Degrees, Sweet Corn, And a "Real" Marriott

Five Must-Do Tips for Maximizing Divestiture Value

Executive Presence for Introverts

Tips for Presenting on Video

Why Practicing Until It’s Perfect Isn’t Enough

Four Surprising Things You’ll Learn from a Leadership Communication Assessment

Character: Its Role in Leadership Communications

Case Study: Management Team Clarifies Significant Value Beyond the Balance Sheet

Are You Driving Your Company Without a GPS?

Presentation Practice: The Preventative Cure for PowerPoint Failure

M&A Success Guide

When to Hire Good People

Five Keys to Crafting a Vision Statement That Actually Matters

The Yellow Legal Pad

Digital Disruption

The Untapped Power of Visualization: Four Invaluable Executive Presentation Tips

Executive Presence for Introverts: Three Ways to Show Your Colors Without Changing Your Stripes

Executive Presentation Skills: Three Rules for Using Your Hands

The First 100 Days in a New Role

In the CEO Seat: Cascading Messages

Five Tips: Turning Lemons into Lemonade with Communication Expertise

A Millennial’s Perspective: How Social Media Has Changed Our Presentations

Walking the Dog

Flat Tire

The Unknown Unknowns: Demystifying Executive Presence

The Wake

Leadership Development: Think of Data as a Scalpel

Communication Consulting: Traditional Advertising is an Endangered Species

Preparing to Become CEO

Executive Development: What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

Leadership Development: Eliminating the Obstacles

Executive Development: Question the Premise

The Future

Give Me a Hand

Keeping Me Waiting

Leading Transformational Change: Using the Force Field Analysis

Change Management Plan Perspectives: The Cat, the Fish, and the Child

Video: Managing Change That's Transformational

Pecan Pie

Taking Risks

Organizational Leadership: Never Better

Executive Development: Business Book Recommendations for the Holidays

Executive Presence: What’s Your “Talk Track”?

Storytelling for Leaders: A Blog as a Message in a Bottle

What A Term Paper Taught Me About Executive Development

A Thanksgiving Message

Creating Effective Presentation Visuals : The Goldilocks Principle


Consultative Selling: How to Make Prospects Delete Your Messages

Resistance: Leading through the Stages of Change

Media Training: The Biggest Mistake for Leaders in the Age of Web 2.0

Rivalry: Leadership Lessons from Mark Twain and Theodore Roosevelt

The “IT and the Business” Paradox: Organizational Leadership Unity

Executive Development: The Power of Practice and “Willpower Hacks”

A Leadership Communication Nightmare: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

An Executive Presence Odyssey

Video - Your CEO Legacy

Video: In the CEO Seat - Cascading Messages

Webinar Replay: The Social Executive

Great Leaders Understand the Power of Storytelling

It's Your Time: Executive Time Management

Leadership Communication: Unlike Riding a Bike

What Motivates Us

Effective Communication: The Difference Between Winning and Losing

Bad Boys

In the Driver's Seat

Labor Day

Consultative Selling: How to Blow Your Customers’ Expectations Out of the Water

The Last to Know

Leadership Coaching: A Lesson from the Olympics

Leadership Traits: Personal Truths and the Olympic Games

All is Right with the World

Communication Strategy: What’s Your Social Media Subtext?

Leading in the Reset World: Three Steps for Smart Leadership in the New Economy

Five Tips for Executive Communications with the Media, Customers, and the Public

Video Tip - Uncovering Your Organization's Growth Potential

The First 100 Days as CEO: Five Communication Traps to Avoid

Communication Strategy: The Tylenol Crisis Revisited

Consultative Selling: There is No “I” in “Sales”

Vroooommm! Rev Up Your Executive Presence

Rapid Renovation: Change Management Communication

Five Steps for Creating Your Leadership Legacy

Leadership Workshops: The Power of Confusion

As It Lies

Executive Development Solutions: A Tale of Two Camps


Special Report: The Social Executive

Eight M&A Communication Strategies for Successful Corporate Growth

The Dark Room

High Flying Transitions


Leadership Development Report: Building the Talent Pipeline

Leadership Development Report: Building the Talent Pipeline

Given What It Takes

Your Leadership Legacy Guide: What You Don't Know Might Haunt You

Driving Innovation: The Staggering Cost of Poor Communication

Leadership Influence: What's the Big Idea and Why Should People Care?

Your First 100 Days as CEO: Building Leadership Influence

Leadership Readiness: What Nobody's Told You About Becoming CEO

Today's CFO: Communicating Powerfully to Influence, Motivate, and Inspire Others

Why You Need a Brand

Leading in the Age of Change: Three Critical Stages in Communicating Organizational Change

Leadership Communication: Unlocking Your Treasure Chest

Dusting It Off

Executive Consulting: What’s On Your Leadership Dashboard?

Cocktail Party Leadership

Case Study - Technology: Promoting a Culture of Innovation to Attract Talent and Customers


Leadership Team Development: Celebrating Wins

Why Things Stay Broken

Sharing Your Wisdom

If Bubba Were a CEO...

Leaving the Gate of Micromanagement Open

I'm Sorry I Didn't Get Back to You

Is Thought Leadership Dead?

How Leaders Can Turn Divisions into Multipliers of Energy

Three Key Lessons in Implementing Change

Finding Time To Think

Is Your Organization Facing an Energy Crisis?

If The Shoe Doesn't Fit

The Power of Energizing Leadership Communication

Spilled Wine

Four Mythbusters about Social Media for Banking Executives

Leadership Communication: Why Brainstorming Sessions Go Wrong

Eureka Moments in Executive Consulting

Can You Change Someone's Mind About You?

Standing on Your Head

Employee Engagement Ideas

The Top Tip from Communication Experts

Photos: 2012 Boston Chamber Pinnacle Awards

The Big Desk Theory

The Three Deadly Sins of the Leadership Training Course

Why We Lie (In E-mail)

The Orange Wall

I'm "Going to Do It!"

2012 - How to Make this Your Best Year Yet

Happy New Year

Two Year-End Team-Building Strategies for Leaders

As the Year Comes to a Close...

Developing Great Stories for Presentations: Two Critical Insights

The Power of Coachability

Nine Characteristics of High-Performing Teams

A Roadside Conversation - A Leader's Story

Two Paradoxical Truths about Public Speaking

Okay, I Will Write About Women Executives, But I Hate That I Have To

A Letter from South Carolina

Attribution as a Blogging Tool

Brands Are Stories

Dusting the Money

Brand Consciousness

Connecting the Dots Backward

WSJ: High Aspirations? Get to Know the Board of Directors

Survival Skills in Leadership

You, Last?

B3 Alert: Brand Builder - JetBlue's David Barger

B3 Brand Buster Alert: UBS' Gruebel

B3 Brand Bubble Alert: HP's Meg Whitman

Entering the Blogosphere

Apples and Oranges

Strrrettttchhh Assignments

How to Help Leaders and Learners Brand Themselves

Be a Rising Star: 6 Types of Savvy For High Potential Leaders

B3 Brand Bubble Alert - Amazon's Jeff Bezos

B3 Brand Builder Alert - Sprint Nextel's Dan Hesse

B3 Brand Buster Alert - Yahoo's Carol Bartz

Trickle Down Leadership

7 for 7: High Performing Teams

Ski School

Really? REALLY?

B3 Brand Alert - Brand Bubble: Gamestop's Paul Raines

B3 Brand Builder Alert - Deloitte CEO Joe Echevarria

Leaders - Make the Putt, Ignore the Distractions

The Wrong Question

B3 Brand Builder- Cisco Systems' John Chambers

B3 Brand Bubble Alert - Activision Publishing's CEO Hirshberg

B3 Brand Buster Alert - American Apparel's CEO Charney

Overdue Overhaul - PowerPoint Presentation Transformation

CEO Communications: Don't wait until things are bad

Employee Communication in Challenging Economic Times

One Bad Cupcake

A Personal Truth

B3 Brand Builder - Nintendo's Saturo Itawa

B3 Brand Bubble- Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. - Sanjay Jha

B3 Brand Buster – Current TV CEO Joel Hyatt

B3 Brand Builder Alert: Robert Kraft

Nothing Good Happens After Midnight

B3 Brand Buster Alert: Borders' Mike Edwards

Brand Bubble - Verizon's Lowell McAdams


Life After Death by PowerPoint

Do People Root for You to Win?

Ready for the C-Suite?

B3 Brand Bubble Alert: Syms CEO Marcy Syms

The Introverted Leader and Public Speaking

CEO Brand and the "Digital" Footprint"

B3 Brand Buster Alert: LA Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt

B3 Brand Bubble: Krispy Kreme CEO Morgan

B3 Brand Builder Alert: Sina Corp CEO Chao

Bad Decisions

B3 Brand Builder Alert: Former Panera CEO Shaich


B3 Brand Buster: John Edwards Stomps Out His Political Brand

B3 Brand Bubble Alert: Citi CEO Pandit

B3 Brand Builder Alert: Twitter CEO Dick Costolo

Working for a Tough Boss

B3 Brand Buster Alert: Oracle CEO Ellison

B3 Brand Builder Alert: IBM’s Palmisano

B3 Brand Bubble Alert: JP Morgan Chase’s Dimon

B3 Brand Buster Alert: Munich Re CEO von Bomhard

B3 Brand Builder Alert: Linked In CEO Jeff Weiner

B3 Brand Bubble Alert: McDonald’s CEO Jim Skinner

Critical Thinking

B3 Brand Buster Alert: Philip Morris CEO Camilleri

B3 Brand Bubble Alert: Trump

B3 Brand Builder Alert: Ford’s Mulally

B3 Brand Buster Alert: Avon CEO Jung

B3 Brand Bubble Alert: UBS CEO Grubel

B3 Brand Builder Alert: Chrysler CEO Marchionne

tweet# tweet# tweet#

Who Likes Change?

B3 Brand Bubble Alert: Deutsche Bank AG’s Josef Ackermann

B3 Brand Buster Alert: Sony CEO

B3 Alert: Brand Builder for Ford’s CEO

B3 Brand Builder Alert: Fed Chair Bernanke

B3 Brand Bubble Alert: Apple’s Jobs and Google’s Page

B3 Brand Bubble Alert: Forest Lab CEO Solomon

Without a Word

B3 Brand Bubble Alert: Renault CEO Ghosn

B3 Brand Builder Alert: Where Inc. CEO Walt Doyle

B3 Brand Builder Alert: NASDAQ CEO Griefeld

Getting a Little Ahead

B3 Brand Builder Alert: Cape Wind CEO Gordon

B3 Brand Buster Alert: Google’s CEO Page

B3 Brand Bubble Alert: JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon

CEOs with Thought Leading Ideas

B3 Brand Bubble Alert: B of A’s Moynihan

B3 Brand Buster Alert: Renault CEO Ghosn

B3 Brand Builder Alert: McAfee’s Dave DeWalt

The Citgo Sign

With Apologies to Paul Simon…50 Ways to..

B3 Brand Bubble Alert: Cisco CEO

B3 Brand Bubble Alert: Berkshire Hathaway

B3 Bates Communications Alert: Transocean LTD

B3 Bates Communications Alert:New Balance

Top 10 Communication Faux Pas With Your CEO

B3 Bates Communications Brand Buster Alert: GoDaddy CEO

On Passion for the Underdog

B3 Brand Bubble Alert: Caterpillar’s CEO Oberhelman

B3 Brand Builder Alert: Colin Angle, iRobot


B3 Alert Brand Builder: Groupon CEO Mason

A Tsunami of Misinformation

The Yellow Legal Pad

B-3 Bates Communications Brand Buster Alert

B-3 Bates Communications Brand Bubble Alert

National Public (Train-(w)Reck (NPR)

The Executive Uniform

CFO Rising, March 13-16, 2011

The Earthquake Mayor

Discover Your CEO Brand: Secrets to Embracing and Maximizing Your Unique Value as a Leader

A Tale of Two CEO Brands

The Jobs That Must Be Done

Oh Say Can You See…

Musical Chairs at Google

What’s Funny, What’s Not

Thunder Snow

Code Green

Getting Organized for the New Year

A “We” Attitude

A Christmas Wreath

Lessons on the River

Cleaning Out The Gutters

A Whale of a Story

Scrambled Eggs


Wait, I’m Not Ready For This Conversation

Why Twitter’s C.E.O. Demoted Himself

Thanksgiving Thoughts

“You Like Me, Right Now,You Like Me”

“I’ll Get It!”

Extraordinary, Nothing Ordinary About Condi Rice

A Few Little Words - A Big Idea

My Theory on Ghosts, Goblins and Jack-O-Lanterns

Sneaking Out on the Dog

A Lesson From My Dad

What Would the Janitor Say?

On Teamwork: The Boys of Fall

The Art of the Sound Bite

A Spoonful of My Own Medicine

All Hands On Deck - Planning Your All Hands Meeting

Yankees Shmankees: Recruiting Like a Pro

The Scene of My “Crime”

Power Tripping

The Marriage of CEO Brands & Company Brands

Can You Believe the #$%^&*Profanity in the Email?

Book Smart

A "Survivor" in the Corporate Jungle of Meetings

Following Howard Fineman

What Would Bill Clinton Do?

The Language of Commitment

Lessons From The Coach Seats


Decisive Is Cool

Three Biggest Mistakes in C-Suite Communications

Instant Gratification: For Leaders Who Want Results

Why I Think BP Executives Shot Themselves in the Foot (Again)

The New Rules on BlackBerry's

On Becoming a "Shooter"

For High Powered Executive Women Only

Who's Got Your Back?

Yahoo!!! What's A CEO To Do?

Reply All: The Nightmare

The Brave New World of YouTube

A Sketchy Story

Who Are You?


The Late Show

Forget About Prioritizing

Meet The Enemy: PowerPoint

This Guy Walks Up to a Girl in a Bar...

Brain Food in the Morning

As Mom Said, It's Right in Front of Your Nose

The Bad Meeting Fairy

Once Every 871 Years...

Wish I Hadn't Said That

Blah Blah Blah

You Can Do This. Tell Your Story.

What Steve Jobs Can Teach Us About "Buzz"

Courageous or Kamikaze?

It's Complicated

Open Mics and Bad Words

Face to Face

Starting With A Joke. Or Not.

Serious As A Heart Attack

I'm Sorry, You Have Two Minutes

You're Killing Me!

Winning Support For Your Ideas

Lonely at the Top: What Are You Going to Do About it?

Getting There

Too Many Words

Writing On Your Hand

How NOT To Answer a Tough Question

Undercover Boss: What It's Like to Work in Your Own Company

You Can't Close The Sale if You Don't Open Well

Communicating Up, Around, Sideways, and Down the Middle

Executive Life: Making and Keeping Commitments

Workplace Communication Trends for 2010

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