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Elizabeth Freedman

Elizabeth Freedman

Elizabeth Freedman is a Bates Executive Coach and Principal who helps leaders accelerate performance and drive business execution through powerful communication. Through one-on-one coaching, Elizabeth partners with senior leaders to build a high level of executive presence and communicative leadership that enables superior executive performance. Through her consultative approach, and backed by rigorous evaluation, she helps senior executives further develop strategies to gain influence and credibility, build strong stakeholder relationships, and motivate their employees and teams to drive business strategies forward. She has partnered with senior executives of Fortune 500, mid-cap, and privately held companies, and has engaged with clients globally across financial services, life sciences, defense, industrial, and technology sectors. Before joining Bates, Elizabeth worked at the consulting firms Accenture and marchFIRST. She is the author of Work 101: Learning the Ropes of the Workplace without Hanging Yourself (Random House). Her expertise on leadership has appeared in dozens of publications, including The New York Times and U.S. News & World Report, and was a featured coach in The Boston Globe.

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