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Elizabeth Freedman

Elizabeth Freedman

Elizabeth Freedman, MBA, CSP, is and Executive Advisor and Consultant at BTS Boston who advises C-level leaders and teams to strengthen business performance through outstanding leadership. Elizabeth works with some of the most recognized companies in the world and is valued for her ability to develop trusted partnerships with senior leaders who want practical, concrete strategies that help them accelerate results, grow their people, and enhance their ability to influence and make a positive difference in the world. Elizabeth specializes in working with C-level executives and teams who are leading enterprise-wide initiatives focused on change, growth, and transformation. Through coaching, consulting and facilitation, her work supports leaders who want to foster environments where strong collaboration, alignment, and shared accountability are the norm. Her work includes a deep assessment of individual and team performance to create a strong approach that is grounded in data and integrates the needs of key stakeholders into the process, including the Board, executive team, employees, customers, and peers.

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