If you’re a leader in today’s dynamic, fast-paced business world, you know it’s not always easy to reach new strategic heights. When you set big goals, it can feel like climbing Mount Everest. Your ideas sound great on paper, but all sorts of obstacles can take you off course and prevent you from reaching the summit.

Why is it such a challenge? One reason is that people aren’t always clear about what to do and how to do it. And if your goal is a major change, you’ll probably face resistance. 

What’s more, as your business spans international borders, it can be even harder to align people across the globe, where time zones and cultural differences create even more barriers.

The everyday challenges of business also distract people from the big picture. They get stuck in the weeds and caught up in the day-to-day grind.

You might say your job as a leader is to become the “mountain Sherpa” on a strategic expedition. You must guide people to the summit. This is no easy feat. As a Sherpa, you have to communicate constantly to keep the team motivated, on course, and moving forward.

The Bates Navigation System helps leaders accelerate the journey. This five-step process aligns the organization around a central vision and inspires them to keep moving towards the summit. Here are four navigational tips that can help you get started:

 1. Before you set out from base camp, assess your team. Is everyone able—and willing—to go on the journey? Do they have what it takes to reach the summit with you?

 2. Next create clarity about where you’re going and why. Develop a clear, compelling vision and mission. If you don’t know which mountain you’re climbing, then neither will anyone else.

 3. Third, translate your vision into strategic objectives. Be proactive in anticipating obstacles. Create a plan where everyone understands their role in getting you to the peak.

4. Keep up a cadence of frequent, supportive, inspiring communication with your team throughout the journey. Create checkpoints for measuring progress as you make your way.

When everyone on this strategic journey understands where they’re going, why, and how they can play a role, you have a team able to conquer every summit… and you’ll propel the organization to new heights.

If you’re planning your strategy, a Bates NAV roadmap will help you see results quickly. Call us today to learn more about the Navigation System: 1-800-908-8239.

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