#1   Don’t Dismiss the Power of Formal Suiting.  Even if you work in a business casual environment, don’t neglect this area of your wardrobe.  Always have at least one dark neutral suit that fits you well at your current weight and makes you feel your personal best.  In addition to professional events where formal suiting is the best choice, life also happens – weddings, funerals and the like.  Don’t compromise the power of being properly attired when it might matter most for you and the people you love.

#2   In Praise of Sports Coats.  With or without a tie, an updated sports coat can up your style quotient like no other garment.  While a navy blue blazer is a staple in many men’s wardrobes and can come in handy on a day-to-day basis at work as well as a myriad of social and family obligations, there are many other blazer choices available today that offer a more sophisticated approach to style.  Subtle textures, unexpected colors woven into the fabric and interesting button and pocket placements can all go a long way to increasing your personal and professional presence.

#3   Get Measured.  Dress shirts are often called “centerpieces” of a man’s professional wardrobe.  When they fit well, are properly pressed and paired with the right ties, trousers and jackets, the wearer stands out in all the right ways.  Interestingly, over half the men we work with either have never been properly measured to determine their correct dress shirt size or are relying on old measurements that are no longer accurate.  They settle for less than perfect fitting shirts that can undermine an otherwise impeccable approach to style.  Once you establish your “real” shirt size (yes, that means getting measured!), search for brands that fit you well and become loyal to them.  This will cut your shopping time in half.  Your fashion confidence will also soar.

#4   Move Beyond White.  Most male closets contain a large variety of white dress shirts, some are new and fresh, others are over 20 years old with mileage on them. Vow to ditch the dress shirts that no longer fit, are stained and/or you don’t have a need for if your dress code has become more business casual over the years. When you stock up on new dress shirts, move beyond white. Blues in a variety of shades are a great first choice when adding color.  Yet, don’t stop there. There are so many different colors available today (lavender, peach and yellow to name a few) that add a fresh and appropriate amount of color to dark neutral suiting, even for men working in conservative industries. Of course having your shirts laundered by a reputable drycleaner is a smart way to be sure you always look your personal best.

#5   Be Bold with Beige.  Many men stick to dark neutral suits, jackets and pants for good reason – they hide wear and tear better than lighter choices, are more slimming and can be easier to mix and match. However, a beige suit in warm weather can be a “stand out” fashion choice as long as it is well coordinated and works with your complexion. Try it with a peach dress shirt and brown shoes and a brown belt.  Add a tie that pulls in the brown and beige while complementing the peach and you’ll have a winning look.

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