The other day I was talking to the head of leadership development for a global company. “What does it really take, when you have 30,000 employees and only 350 senior positions?” I asked.

“The differentiation is around leadership behaviors,” she replied.

“What does that mean to you?” I asked.

“It’s the everyday things you do that demonstrate you have it, beyond your technical abilities,” she said. “Like your management style, your leadership style, and if people trust you- if you’re well respected. And all of those things come down to your ability to communicate.”

Too often, executives focus on how to make a big impression; the big project, the big deal, the big customer, the big whatever. It’s not that those aren’t important. But the people who are making the decisions about your future are watching how you communicate every single day.
Just something to keep in mind - on your way to the top.

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