There’s a lot of conversation out there about how we’ve lost confidence. Investors, consumers, business leaders — what we’re lacking is confidence.

It’s worth asking what is confidence? And how can you convey genuine confidence in your communications with clients, customesr and employees?

Confidence isn’t false bravado –it’s not the same as hubris or arrogance. Confidence is defined this way: as a state of being certain that a chosen course of action is the best or most effective given the circumstances.
Arrogance is having unmerited confidence–believing something or someone is capable or correct when they are not. Overconfidence is excessive belief, in someone or something, succeeding, without any regard for failure.
Confidence in a course of action, based on the best information you have at the moment, and a will enable you to act. As you act with confidence and things happen you increase confidence as you discover there is a reasonable degree of certainty that the next step you take will also make a positive impact.

Before you pick up the phone or contact anyone during adverse times, you should do a confidence check up. Most of us are confident a lot of the time, but adversity can shake your confidence.

Tomorrow (Thursday October 23rd) at 4 pm Eastern time, I will provide a 10-Point Confidence Check Up.

We’ll also have an excerpt from the Teleseminar, including the full confidence check up, in our upcoming November Newsletter, the Voice of Leadership.

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