Just want to alert you to an article just published in the January 09 issue of Chief Learning Officer Magazine. Reporter Lindsay Edmonds had some some great questions about why it is so challenging to help leaders become better communicators, and how you can address this need in your own organization.

Here’s a short excerpt:

“Many leaders tackle organizational problems behind closed doors, separating themselves from employees and perpetuating uncertainty. Instead, leaders should open those doors and communicate, motivate and inspire their employees.
“There’s this malaise in many organizations because people are confused. They don’t know what to do [because] they’re not getting direction from their leaders,” said Suzanne Bates, author of Motivate Like a CEO: Communicate Your Strategic Vision and Inspire People to Act! “[So] motivation is more important than ever, [and] leaders need to ramp up their communication and connect to people with the purpose and mission of the organization.”
To read the full article, click here to go to Chief Learning Officer Magazine
Lindsay Edmonds Wickman is an associate editor for Chief Learning Officer magazine. She can be reached at editor@clomedia.com.

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