What do the world’s business leaders need now, in the midst of economic gloom and doom?

At Davos, those attending the World Economic Forum are trying to revive their enthusiasm and passion. They are heading out in droves to a seminar where they stand on the chairs and sing at the top of their voices.

The program is delivered by Benjamin Zander, the famous conductor of the Boston Philharmonic, who knows the power of music to lift the mood and reignite passion. “There is even more need for music in times of trouble,” he said before delivering a speech on an artist’s approach to managing complexity.

Purpose and passion are vital to building and sustaining a business. It is virtually impossible to succeed without it. In times like these, we need workforces that are engaged, excited, and passionate about what they are doing. I wrote Motivate Like a CEO , Communicate Your Strategic Vision and Inspire People to Act! to provide people with practical, simple steps to discovering their passion and communicating it to others.

Your passion attracts like-minded people who enjoy throwing themselves into a project - surveys show that employees long to be connected to a powerful purpose — something greater than themselves. Work is where we discover our talents and passions. Leaders who are in touch with their own purpose and passion connect others, who can then do great things. Passion and energy are needed now to ignite the creativity and resourcefulness that will allow us to overcome the business challenges we face.

As a leader, you have to feel the passion - and then learn to communicate it to others in a powerful way. When you think about it, this is really the highest definition of leadership. If you believe your organization has lost its passion, I’d like to share an analytical tool from Chapter 7 of the book: Create Momentum and Keep it Going. This tool is a 5-point Questionnaire that will ignite a conversation among your leadership team, and your larger organization, and help you to rediscover why you do what you do.

The power of this tool is in part, to help you articulate the story of your organization. Through storytelling we discover why we do what we do, and why it matters; we also discover how we’ve overcome obstacles in the past; and what makes us truly successful. Once you find these stories you use them to help others connect with mission and purpose. The tool also helps asks you to examine what’s caused you to lose a connection to purpose. These are essential questions right now, while we are rebuilding our organizations, and our economy.

If you would like a complimentary copy of the Story of Your Organization Questionnaire, which is from my new book, Motivate Like a CEO, please contact Shellie Dunlap: sdunlap@bates-communications.com

Click here to listen to a brief interview with Benjamin Zander by Evan Davis of the BBC. When you get to the page, scroll down to number 0824.

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