In the wake of the downturn, Modern Survey reports today that American workers seem more appreciative of their jobs and enthusiastic about their organizations.

Modern Survey’s Employee Engagement Index found the number of employees who took pride in their work rose from 71% to 79% in 2009. Those who said they would recommend their employer to others rose from 53% to 58%.

According to the survey company, such encouraging figures in the face of continued economic hardship may well indicate a fundamental change in the psychology of the American worker.

Modern Survey has identified five specific drivers of engagement that employers must provide for employee engagement to thrive. These five elements are: recognition/appreciation, personal accomplishment, career development, confidence in company, and compensation.

“It seems unlikely that organizations are spending much more time and energy attending to these drivers now,” the report says, “under the duress of current market conditions. And if employers are not doing a better job of actively promoting engagement, then employees must be viewing what their employers provide in a new light.”

 How can you keep employee engagement high even while you’re still asking people to do more with fewer resources?

 1. Thank, acknowledge and reward great work both privately and publicly.
 2. Spend time learning what motivates each individual so you understand the drivers of engagement in each case.
 3. Once you understand what makes people tick, make it a point to help them connect with an important purpose and use their talents accordingly.
 4. Understand what motivates you. A motivated leader attracts motivated, engaged employees.
 5. Communicate with purpose and passion every day. Engage people by talking about the positive attributes that make your company great.

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