I know that you probably just arrived in the office, coffee in hand, trying to shake off the cobwebs from the holidays.  What should you do first?

A few years ago I was inspired by an exercise called "My Best Year Yet."  The idea is to look at the important parts of your life - work, family, personal, and imagine what would make this year YOUR best ever. Before you poo poo this as another resolution-ary workout that will be forgotten in a week, let me explain. You don't look forward like a resolution.  You look backward as if it is already December 31st, 2012.

Imagine as you look at that date - that you and your team at work have achieved your goals. Your year has been a huge success. Looking back, why was the year so successful?  How did you develop your executive presence? What did you do to overcome the obstacles? How did you break through the barriers? What were the key steps you took? What else did you do?  And, why did that work?  

And so on.

I strongly recommend that you close your eyes and reflect on each question. Why? It's absolutely amazing what happens when you clear your head and focus on what worked as if you've already done it. That's when you get this amazing clarity.  You don't see obstructions. You see actions.

Next, tell your team. Better yet, have them do the exercise. Get together for your first meeting and have them go through it with you. I've done this and it is amazing how everyone sees the way they can leap over barriers, too.

What a great time to set a course for your best year yet. Before you get caught up in the minutae, look at that date - December 31st, 2012, and just imagine - it's done! Close your eyes, ask the questions, jot down notes, and share it in an email.  Before you know it, it will be 2013, and we'll all be wondering where the year went.    

Happy New Year,

Suzanne Bates

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I'm committed to making this OUR best year yet, with relevant videos, tips and practical advice on moving your business and career forward. As you know, we focus broadly on communication and leadership; the gap between thinking about strategy and getting things done. We want to make this a vibrant part of the conversation you are having with your team.  Let me know if there are topics you'd like me to cover and I'll incorporate those in the mix. Thanks for reading and best wishes for a great 2012.  

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