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The Social Executive: The CEO's New Role in Using Social Media to Communicate with Customers, Shareholders, and the Media

We all know that social media has changed the business landscape. The best companies are now using social media to communicate powerfully with customers. But for CEOs and leaders, social media has added yet another bucket to their job description. Increasingly, the CEO is expected to be front and center in social conversations with shareholders, industry insiders, analysts, customers, and the public.

The best CEOs know that it's necessary to embrace this change, and to maximize new trends to "humanize" themselves and their companies. They see and appreciate how social media can be an unfiltered lens into public sentiment about their company.

In this Special Report, executive coach Margery Myers shares insights into the CEO's new role in using social media. The report features:


  • Four strategies the best CEOs practice to maximize social media for their companies
  • Real-world examples of how CEOs use channels like blogs and Twitter to connect with external stakeholders
  • Tips on how to send the most impactful messages to every important audience, through social media or other communications
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