By Elizabeth Freedman

As a senior leader, you know the world has changed. Our companies are leaner, productivity is higher than ever; we are leveraging technology and innovation. 

But this “reset world” still presents us challenges; like growing faster while maintaining our lean, productive work environments.  And, I don’t have to tell you that the people in your organization are feeling the challenge. They have to innovate and find new customers for your products and services; in a leaner environment.  And as a leader, your job is to be sure they are working on the right projects at the right time, to drive results. 

As a coach, I’m helping my clients press the reset button.  We like to think of communication as the tool for executing your business plan.  There are steps you can take every day to be sure people are thriving in this reset world.

  • First, clearly communicate your expectations and deadlines.   It sounds simple, but in my experience, leaders assume people understand the urgency and importance of tasks.  Then when the deadlines are missed everyone is disappointed.  Take the last five minutes of every meeting to ask, what are we going to do and how soon can it be done right? Get their commitment and it will accelerate the pace of your business.  
  • Second, make sure that your direct reports are communicating with THEIR people.  They have to be as effective as you are in driving home the messages and aligning their own teams
  • Finally, create a feedback loop so you can take the pulse and monitor projects.  In almost every project there are people who are out of the loop, in denial, or resisting change.  The more you know the more effective you’ll be in communicating and engaging people. 

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