If you want to be a CEO, you know that hard work, technical expertise and even experience are not enough to take you to the top.  While these are important, CEO candidates all have these qualities in spades.  So, what differentiates you from others who have similar aspirations? 

As we’ve worked with aspiring CEOs over the years, we’ve noticed those who rise to the top and succeed stand out for a few reasons.

First, they have a track record of exceptional performance.  Results speak for themselves. You get on the radar with high visibility projects that exceed expectations. Your ability to execute by communicating your plan, motivating and inspiring your team to go above and beyond, puts you into the running for CEO.  

Second, they think and speak strategically at the organizational level.  Those who make it into the succession plan are able to look and work across boundaries and understand the complexities of their role in the overall corporate structure.  When they speak to the board, the executive team, and their colleagues, they take an organizational view.  They understand how to connect with their audiences and talk about what matters to everyone.    

Third, leaders who make it into the CEO pipeline build relationships across the enterprise, and they also have strong relationships externally with analysts, investors, customers and the media.  They appear CEO-ready, eqip to handle the job of becoming the face and voice of the company.

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