The challenge: deliver on unprecedented transformation

A 100+ year old manufacturing company was launching an enterprise-wide, multi-billion dollar transformation, planning capital investment and improvements at an unprecedented scale and pace. This bold transformation created an urgent need for the leadership team to come together to spearhead the change, and overcome organizational siloes and lack of cross-functional communication to drive the strategy execution down through the organizational ranks.

The president, recognizing the challenge in front of them, brought us in to help them build the leadership team’s capabilities, to ensure they could mobilize this significant culture change quickly and deliver on the high stakes strategy.

Gathering the insight helped make the case for change

Following an in-depth assessment of the leadership team’s behaviors and their presence using our ExPI™ model, we helped the leadership team to align, agree on a set of operating principles and begin driving the change - and the collaborative spirit - down through the organization. Ultimately the team of leaders learned how to become champions for the transformation. These leaders learned how to communicate critical information about the change throughout the organization, “walk the talk” and ultimately win buy-in down through their teams and teams below.

In order to get there, the leadership team needed a compelling case for changing their own behaviors, and an understanding of what exactly was required of them to make the shift.

In this case study, highlighted in our recent article entitled Bridge the Gap from Strategy to Execution: Culture Change that Sticks in Strategic HR Review, we share what they did to build the case for change in their own behaviors, and how they went on to lead and create the kind of culture change necessary to deliver on this major transformation.

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