A global custody bank was facing a significant leadership challenge, trying to reestablish trust after the credit crisis and position the executive level to take the company into its next phase of growth. Their promotion process for SVP and EVP was opaque and hard to understand and lacked support. To enable the long term growth and viability of the company, the global talent organization got the green light to redefine the executive talent profile.


Bates was selected to partner with the company leadership to build a new model for their Executive Talent Profile based on the future business strategy. The profile applies to 3 levels of executive below the CEO, and maps to their defined role priorities for their top leaders. We delivered a customized behavioral model, incorporating the significant work they have done in diversity initiatives, risk management, talent mobility and articulation of their corporate values.


The Executive Talent model now defines the actual behaviors that others experience at growing levels of leadership capability and includes questions for use in candidate selection and promotion. The model is underpinned by the Bates ExPITM so leaders can be assessed, developed and measured to their new profile meaning they can receive actionable feedback to drive towards their own improvement linked to the business results for which they are accountable.


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