In a tumultuous and highly competitive marketplace, a financial services company’s relationship managers needed to learn how to communicate at the C-Suite level with their clients. The buying process was changing as decision making was increasingly shifting up the chain, and the old ways of selling weren't working,  The stakes were higher than ever to solidify business with clients through cross selling and demonstrating real business value. The relationship managers needed to learn to articulate how their services can directly enable their clients to meet their business imperatives and build the trust to move from the role of order taker to that of strategic advisor. And given the pressure from the business to deliver on their targets, they had to learn to do this quickly.


We partnered with the executive leader of this group to assess and evaluate the team's capabilities using the ExPI model and approach and create a program to build the skills and capabilities for the relationship managers to learn to effectively sell into the C-suite.


As the relationship managers learned to communicate in this way and demonstrate more substance in their interactions, they are now seen as strategic partners, rather than vendors to their important client base. They have expanded business with their clients and improved profitability of their own business, and the company has a deepened bench of experienced sellers to drive growth in their strategic accounts.


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