Origami started in Japan in the 16th Century. It is the visual intersection of art and science, where each precise fold shapes a visual masterpiece.  Our mission at Bates is to bring science to the art of executive presence, to demystify the “it-factor” possessed by great leaders. In our research we discovered there were parallels between origami and leadership. Leaders, like origami, are carefully formed by the folds of experience, over time. The leader’s qualities, from authenticity, to vision, confidence, resonance, and integrity, combine to form the unique individual leader.  We found there are actually 15 qualities that matter most to the leader’s ability to shape and influence the world. 

For the first time, our model of executive presence enables us to measure a leader’s presence, defined as the ability to engage, inspire and move people to act.  The science brings precision to the leader’s understanding of strengths and gaps.  At Bates, we guide executives to become the leaders they want to be, and we enable leadership teams to develop qualities of presence that drive organizational performance.  It’s an art and a science… requiring care and precision, similar to the act of transforming paper into a work of art.


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