A global fashion brand was wrestling with retail industry disruption. They needed to accelerate a nascent large-scale eCommerce strategy and make the shift to deliver on a seamless omni-channel customer experience. The company had enacted a planned succession for the President role and required a vehicle for the new leader to assert a new direction while maintaining continuity and energize his leadership team to collaborate to leap ahead from a challenging position in the competitive global retail environment.


Bates worked with the new CEO and his team to reinvigorate the definition of the company’s purpose as an umbrella for the brand purpose and marketing, to create stronger brand loyalty and deeper employee and customer engagement.  We worked with the team to identify the customer and employee value propositions consistent with the brand and strongly differentiated from competitors. They used this reinvigorated purpose and strategic alignment to unstick and propel their initiatives to recreate the retail experience.


The company has already experienced accelerated value on several fronts. The leadership team has successfully implemented their omni-channel strategy, which is gaining them marketplace traction and improved loyalty. Their new eCommerce site has been recognized as a top retail site. Employee engagement scores have increased rapidly. The team has been able to execute a large scale redesign that has enabled increased availability and reliability of in-store product and decreased time from design to customer purchase.


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