Each year I have the honor of attending the Summit Consulting Hall of Fame, a gathering of award—winning international consultants who come together to share global best practices and opportunities. It's led by the top expert in the world on consulting practices, Alan Weiss, we share our observations on business trends in the industries we serve, around the world. I have captured these and added a few of my own that I’m noticing with our clients in 2017 to inform your vision and roadmap.

My key takeaway is that it is a roller coaster year of enormous opportunity, overlaid with confusing complexity, constant churn, and whole new ways of working together and leading others to tap into the value that’s out there.  And the only leaders that I see navigating this to their advantage are actively planning their trip and proactively preparing their teams to ride along in more collaborative, impactful ways.

  • There are billions of dollars sitting out there looking to be invested and spent.
  • Economies around the world are growing, it is an historic, unprecedented time.
  • M & A is roaring along and this is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.
  • The complexity of large deals in a global regulatory environment is slowing value creation.
  • Mid-market companies and non-traditional industries are growing and need outside thinking to seize the opportunities.
  • Most companies are talking about their growth initiatives as the number one priority. 
  • Digitizing is no longer an initiative, it is the transformation initiative, and requires guidance.
  • Going into the cloud is anything but a heavenly experience for companies.
  • Non-sales executives must now understand and lead successful sales to succeed in top jobs.
  • The pace of change is creating chaotic conditions and leaders want experts who can bring calm.
  • Brick and mortar businesses are not all suffering – some are staying ahead of consumer trends.
  • Buyers today have research at their fingertips, making up their minds before they ever call.
  • Brand trumps strategy and companies that squander brands have an uphill battle.
  • Content marketing is no longer a nice to have – your thought leadership is currency.
  • Word of mouth is now virtual but it is more powerful than ever in recruiting top talent.
  • Traditional sales technique is dead – you must have your SME at the table with executive buyers.
  • Most leadership teams are teams in name only and are failing to be enterprise focused.

My question to you is – as a leader, are you buckled in with your team to embrace these opportunities, or just flying solo and free form?

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