A Brief Overview of the Bates Model of Executive Presence


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We have known intuitively and for a long time that Executive Presence is important. Through years of working in executive coaching and leadership consulting, Executive Presence comes up frequently as a developmental need. Historically, the problem has been being able to define it, measure it, and improve it. In short, if you can’t assess, you’ll find it difficult to address it.

When it comes to Executive Presence, people often say, “I know it when I see it!” But if you ask people to describe exactly what “it” is, you’ll often hear a wide variety of vague answers. You may hear people throw around terms like “gravitas,” “commanding the room,” or “engaging teams,” but you rarely will hear anything that makes executive presence specific, relevant, and actionable.

To address this critical gap, we funded the development of a first-ever research-based model of Executive Presence, which we used to design a multi-rater assessment tool that measures Executive Presence. Drawing upon decades of research in a variety of disciplines, this model has been validated, with care being taken to ensure that it’s representative across industries, genders, functions, and geographical regions. It is the first rigorous, scientific approach to assessing Executive Presence, and has been used to help senior leaders at the world’s leading companies in over 40 countries accelerate their strategic agendas, deliver bottom line results more effectively, and enable innovation and new business model creation. In this overview, we’ll tell you more about the model and how we use it. 

Download the paper here to read more: A Brief Overview of the Bates Model of Executive Presence

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