To be successful, teams must quickly create alignment and mobilize people to execute. How can you ensure your team is prepared to accelerate productivity and maximize output? How do you leverage their collective strengths, manage competing priorities, and elevate their performance both individually and as a whole?

Proactively addressing the team’s collective executive presence, both in how they interact with each other and influence others in the organization, is an insurance policy for optimizing performance during critical times.

Our research into team executive presence offers a pre-emptive strategy for integrating successful team behaviors with business and organizational strategies.

In this report, we offer an overview of the three foundations of successful SLTs – alignment, relational dynamics, and execution – and discuss the role of the team’s collective presence in ensuring success in these areas. In looking at our Executive Presence Model through the lens of the team, you’ll learn how specific facets of leadership relate to the team’s performance. Through this lens, you can begin to provide your team with a roadmap for influencing outcomes and driving a shared strategy.

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