By Sean Costa, Vice President

Leadership Teams’ Job #1 is strategy. Creating a vision, providing direction, and engaging the people of an organization in a way that inspires them to want to take part and get things done. Strategy, like leadership is a team sport. Anyone who has played on a team, or watched ESPN for that matter, probably understands that you can’t win a game with a single good player. Even David Ortiz, Cristiano Ranaldo, and Aaron Rodgers don’t win games on their own. Leadership works that way too. Executing organizational strategy only happens if the whole team plays their positions well, owns the plan, and works with each other towards the “win”. Successful teams know what their strengths are and what behaviors they must develop to perform at a championship level. When your leadership roster is stacked with players that articulate the vision well, communicate with each-other and across the company, align and motivate the organization to drive the change, your team is unbeatable.

How do you prime your team for a winning season this year?

  • Get all of the players involved in the game plan: A team that contributes to the strategic plan, owns the plan. No bench-warmers or solo players. Leadership teams that operate this way are accountable and connected to the strategy.  You need to be succinct and specific about what you’re trying to achieve, and articulate clearly to all of your team what’s in it for them and how it impacts their position in order for the team to engage the organization and successfully cascade the strategy vertically and horizontally.
  • When you are making decisions share the “why” and the “how”: People will often feel most mislead or in the dark when they don’t know what your decision-making process is. Is this a decision where you’re looking for input from the group, or one where you’re making the call solo? As a leader, you’re like the coach. Sometimes a coach has to make the tough calls, while other times its better for him to let the players teach each other through drills and practice. When you’re clear about your decision-making process, you will inspire trust and good will – and people will be more likely to listen and spread the message across the organization moving forward.
  • Invest in developing all of your players: A soccer team with a good goalie and a subpar offense won’t win games. The defense and offense all have to have the right mix of skills to collaborate and communicate, and be practiced and ready for the game in order to win. Getting them ready to play at the top of their abilities requires understanding their individual strengths and weaknesses first, to help them lay a more fruitful path to leadership in their unique role on the field. Think about investing in building the strategy execution skills for your whole team instead of key individual players.

We have seen this approach work again and again with the leadership teams we advise from large, complex Global 100 to mid-sized organizations in both the public and private sectors. Leadership teams and groups that have implemented our framework and have adopted our programs are often surprised at what they learn about each other – and where the unexpected gaps and opportunities lie to accelerate their strategic agenda and performance. And the insight is magnified as each leader considers his own learning in the context of the team.

To help prepare your team, we’re offering a special group rate to attend our 2017 open enrollment programs. Register 3 or more of your team players for any of our upcoming programs and get 20% off registration. See our programs calendar below.

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2017 Dates and Locations

Speak Like a CEO

This program is not a public speaking class for beginners. It is designed for the moderate to relatively experienced speaker in a leadership role who has reason to want to take his or her skill to a whole new level in speaking to a variety of audiences. Sharing real-world examples with team mates makes the class experience even more powerful.

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March 2nd -3rd, Cape Coral FL

May 4-5, Boston

September 14-15, Boston

November 7-8, Boston


Executive Presence Mastery

Prior to the program, you’ll have the opportunity to complete the Bates ExPI™, a unique multi-rater 360 assessment that gives you valuable feedback on 15 facets of your presence and influence. Along with a Bates coach, you’ll identify concrete steps to apply what you’ve learned to two important, business relevant themes that are drivers in your current role. This process is even more effective when we work with teams and can begin to understand larger team dynamics!

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May 3rd-5th, Boston

September 13-15th, Boston

November 6-8, Boston


Executive Presence Mastery for Women

As women move forward in their careers, the discussion in most organizations often defaults to their “executive presence.” Through our research, we have redefined presence in a way that levels the playing field for women leaders. We’ve gone beyond executive image and presentation skill, to identify the specific qualities of leadership presence that enable both men and women to motivate, align, inspire and move people to act.

Rather than a one-size fits all approach, you'll explore your own qualities of presence in a supportive environment with other women like you.


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July 31st- August 2nd, Boston



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