We hope you're taking some time off this summer to enjoy family and friends. It's more important than ever to unplug from the new virtual business world. Here are some leadership articles for you to read by the beach or pool. 

9 Best Practices to Lead and Manage Your Virtual Team

In this article in the AMA Spring Quarterly Journal, get some new ideas from Suzanne Bates to more effectively lead and manage your team, now that virtual is here to stay.

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Influence by Design

Gain a fresh new perspective from Andy Atkins’ innovative application of the principles of Design Thinking to influencing and persuading others, in the Rotman Management Magazine.

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The Most Important Thing CEOs Can Do To Have A Great Second Half

Hear from Elizabeth Freedman in this Forbes article on what you need to focus on now, to finish up the year strong.

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5 Tips to Help Your Team Focus

It’s not easy to keep your team on track, as uncertainty continues to swirl. In this article, Suzanne Bates shares tips to help you help them perform at their best.

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