The executive team of a global technology company needed to drive transformation so that its business functions were aligned in a new cloud strategy. The team trusted each other and got along well but was frequently frustrated by slow decision making. They were globally dispersed and had a tough time operating on a virtual basis. They needed to accelerate their ability to collaborate and make decisions to deliver on the transformation.


Bates undertook a two-phased intervention. We worked with individuals on the team to help them become more effective in leading their businesses and functions. We facilitated team work to help them understand their strengths and gap areas to help them make faster, better decisions as a team. We facilitated and transferred into the organization the capabilities to use critical problem solving in order to accelerate the transformation.


The team leader called the intervention “life-changing” after seeing the changes in his team. They are able to constructively engage around critical challenges and address them earlier and with more robust decisions. They now agree and stick with difficult decisions needed to enable the transformation. They discovered 9 months later that their shared vision they developed with our help was truly informing their decisions as individual members as well as a team.


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