Recording from December 2, 2021

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The last 18 months of a global pandemic have profoundly shifted our world views and our attitudes toward work and life. We have different expectations about where and how we want to work, who we want to work with, and how to find meaning and purpose in our work. The satisfaction we receive in our professional lives is dependent upon the level of joy and sense of achievement we experience with our teams. As organizations try to learn their way forward in a hybrid, 24-7 global work environment, we need to learn how to help teams grow together.

How the Pandemic, and Shifting Attitudes, are Changing Teams

Working virtually and hybrid for this extended period has exposed many of the hidden, destructive issues that can derail teams. Teams are the new center of gravity for organizations. Top companies are now looking for an answer to a question: how do we create an environment that is not about teams, but “teaming”?

In this session we will explore what “teaming” really means, as an active, iterative journey rather than a static analysis of forming and norming stages, or a laundry list of individual capabilities. Teaming as a verb, connotes a journey where team members foster their own positive environment, taking responsibility for acting in ways that create joy and productivity. Teams that do this are able to seize the moment, recognize opportunity, drive change, innovate and achieve extraordinary results.

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