As you move into the next phase of leading your business through a challenging time, we are turning our attention to helping you to pivot and focus on the future. The economic and health impacts are still unfolding, however, there is still much within your control, including how you think, plan and prepare for the possibilities.

To help you move beyond navigating the day to day, we invite you to a conversation about thinking smart, preparing for the new realities of business and learning to pivot. Companies and leaders that do this now will create new opportunity, recover more quickly and come out stronger than before.

Please join us on April 8th at 12:00 pm for a virtual, live executive briefing, Built to Pivot: Accelerate Your Recovery and Thrive

Andy Atkins, Michael Seitchik, Laura Fay and Suzanne Bates will explore how to accelerate business by identifying opportunities and transforming how you do things. This team of experts together has decades of experience in helping leaders navigate and accelerate change and will share all of what they have learned to help you think differently right now. Our goal is to help you harness the genius of your team, to create the extraordinary together. We will open the mic to answer questions live from participants.

This is a unique opportunity to learn not only from experts, but also hear how other organizations and your peers are managing in real time. We’ll discuss how to:

  • Bring out the true genius of your team 
  • Assess risk, impact, likelihood, and act now 
  • Pinpoint the right problems to solve
  • Solve problems in record time
  • Use both/and thinking on complex issues
  • Evaluate when to pivot and what to do  
  • Keep your cool through the downturn

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