Join us for a timely, relevant conversation for every leader who is navigating the global COVID-19 crisis.  We’ll address how to juggle the daunting number of tasks you face, while being sensitive to the concerns of employees, customers, investors and the board.  We will focus entirely on practical advice for leaders to minimize business disruption, provide perspective to your teams, get people working productively together to solve challenges, while mitigating financial risk to your company.

While the early wave of response has been to cancel large meetings, encourage virtual work, and impose temporary or voluntary travel bans, there is much more leaders can do right now. Your focus must be how to keep your team focused and ignite creativity to keep business going.    

Your host is Suzanne Bates, CEO of Bates, a former television journalist, who for 20 years has guided top executives through some of their most challenging times. She’ll be joined by one of our top experts in corporate crisis communication— Bates consultant Laura Fay, formerly of Wells Fargo. The two have many decades of experience addressing sensitive, critical, difficult situations inside companies, both internal and external, with the focus on helping the C-Suite and management emerge stronger and better.

Suzanne and Laura will provide a seasoned perspective on practical matters, and they will open the mic to answer questions live from participants. This is a unique opportunity to learn not only from them but hear how other organizations and your peers are managing in real time.

In the session you will learn about:

  • What concrete steps you can take to keep business moving
  • Best practices in a crisis to keep everyone informed, engaged and balanced
  • Handling difficult situations or questions from employees and customers
  • Guiding people with your own practical wisdom to help them address challenges
  • Helping teams work virtually, stay focused, make decisions and get things done
  • Creating a future focus so your teams see you’re getting ahead of the crisis
  • Fostering an environment where people are inspired to be creative in response to challenge
  • Becoming a beacon of composure and calm that helps others focus and perform

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