Companies today are in the midst of a relentless battle for top talent.  To address it, CEOs, executive teams and boards are insisting on a reinvigorated plan for diversity and inclusion and cultural transformation. It is more than a response to the #metoo movement; business leaders understand diversity is a strategic, competitive advantage. 

Yet many diversity and inclusion efforts are falling short, and cultural transformation is stalled.  Emerging research tells us that beyond diversity and inclusion, what matters most is a culture of belonging.

We invite you to a groundbreaking conversation that will widen your lens on the competitive advantage created when organizations have a culture of belonging.  We’ll reveal the powerful impact belonging has on growth, innovation and transformation. Our CEO Suzanne Bates will moderate a conversation with experts Andy Atkins, SVP of Research, Innovation and Practice, and Michael Seitchik, Director of Research. Together they’ve led this innovative research which has led to an assessment of teams that measures emerging cultural qualities like belonging. 

You will discover:   

  • How to evaluate whether you have a culture of belonging in your organization 
  • What behaviors are critical to moving from diversity to belonging
  • Why belonging isn't just "nice to have" but essential to growth and innovation
  • Why CEOs and boards are pushing to transform their companies' cultures
  • Ways to create a competitive edge by fostering belonging
  • Tips for getting started to encourage a culture of belonging in your company

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