High performing organizations must have high performing teams. Accelerating team performance is one of the biggest challenges leaders face.  A team is different than a group or gaggle of individuals. A team has to mesh different personalities and leadership styles to work together across silos and functions, in harmony and collaboration to drive common goals and missions – and it’s not easy. It takes maintenance, repair and fine tuning to operate as one, and as our clients increasingly tell us, getting this right is one of their biggest challenges.

Join us on September 26th, for a webinar where we share case examples of what works and reveal new research findings about how to jump-start your team’s engine and accelerate their performance. Whether you’re working on a team of leaders, or coaching one – we’ll have new insights to help you turn your team from Jalopy to Jaguar.

What you’ll learn:

  • What's causing the challenge to mushroom in today's organizations
  • The 3 counter-intuitive secrets to accelerating team performance and clarifying strategy
  • The 5 most common pitfalls and traps in building collaboration and trust
  • New research from our ExPI assessment on the surprising differentiators in leading teams in a high growth environment
  • Early insight into a brand-new research-based team assessment we're launching in 2018!

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