What makes a strong team? We've all seen a few iconic business teams that we'd like to replicate in our own organizations. In this research-based webinar we'll solve the mystery and give you clues about accelerating your business and driving the strategy forward by taking your team to the next level!

The importance of having high performing teams isn’t new. What has changed in just a few years’ time is what is required to be a high performing team. The stakes are exponentially higher and it’s harder than ever to navigate today’s global, dispersed, overstretched organizations.

In this webinar, take advantage of new, breakthrough research on what teams need to do now to be high performing today – and in the future. Learn how to take the guess work out of team performance and find out what your team needs to do to unleash their genius – together.

You will learn:

  • How the requirements for a high performing team have changed, and why it matters to every team now to understand this
  • The three dimensions that research tells us are important to today's high performing teams and how they contribute to team success.
  • The three qualities within those dimensions that have emerged as new game changers - Both/And Thinking, Resilience, and Belonging - and how they help move the needle.
  • Case examples of real teams, facing real challenges, and how they leveraged these qualities up to their game and deliver high performance.

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