Year after year, innovation is rated a top priority for CEOs and business leaders. Yet just as many struggle with how to effectively foster and drive innovation. Many leaders feel the pressure to unearth the ideas themselves, and provide the fuel for the innovation pipeline.

Our research has shown that these concerns are in fact misplaced. In studying the behaviors that positively correlate with driving innovation, we have uncovered surprising new insight on what it takes to cultivate innovation and capitalize on day to day opportunities – and it is good news for many of you. 

We have found that to successfully lead innovation, you need to be an innovation leader – not an innovator. Contrary to popular belief, leaders who enable their teams to generate ideas and shepherd them through to fruition are the ones who create the real value.

In this webinar, we share the findings of our thought provoking research, and tell you just what it means to be an innovation leader.  We offer a perspective on what makes leaders so good at igniting innovation in their teams, and preview the 17 specific elements of a leader’s behavior that make the most difference in this arena.

By the end of this presentation you will be able to:

  • Identify the behaviors that create a team culture that supports sustainable innovation
  • Discover a tool to help you uncover key behaviors (you may or may not exhibit) that either support or hinder creating an innovative team culture
  • Learn some simple actions you can take immediately to create a team culture that supports innovation

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