What makes leaders of high growth companies different?  Common wisdom suggests that driving growth requires highly focused, hard-charging, action-oriented leaders, unwavering in their commitment to the organization, holding others accountable and making no exception when results fall short. Our new research has found compelling evidence that these qualities are just “table stakes.”  The surprising and encouraging news is that the human side of leadership – character and substance – is the real differentiator.

Bates mined data from 14,000 assessment surveys from our ExPI, comparing leaders of companies with 5% or above GDP growth, with those of -1% growth.  The startling results are a wake-up call to organizations in selecting, promoting and developing leaders who have the ability to lead their companies to thrive.

In this webinar, we will share the findings of this compelling research, and what it means to leaders looking to deliver growth, accelerate competitive advantage and business impact.  You’ll discover:

  • The rigorous analytics that reveal the vital importance of integrity, authenticity, composure and practical wisdom to leaders of growth companies
  • The 9 “Super Behaviors” that truly differentiate leaders of high growth companies
  • The 17 qualities where low growth leaders lag significantly behind – critical weaknesses that could be undermining all of your efforts to grow and thrive
  • Practical insights and concrete examples of high and low growth leaders that showcase how the research findings are reflected in their experiences

Webinar Recording

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