As we move into the next phase of the pandemic there are a myriad of risks ahead. Even if there is such a thing as a “new normal,” it will be littered with a minefield of new, complex issues. There will not be a post-pandemic, but rather, a long game period where companies and their leaders must build trust and credibility with employees, customers, investors, shareholders, the public and the media. How can you manage potential liabilities and emerge as one of the most admired companies in your industry?

This panel conversation will shift your thinking from how to react to crisis, to becoming agile as new challenges arise, and getting ahead of it to survive and thrive. Our goal is to help you accelerate your recovery and avoid the secondary risk that often accompanies major crises and disruption. The strategies, templates and approaches we share will give you confidence in your ability to respond in the moment, inoculate your reputation and burnish your company’s brand.

CEO Suzanne Bates, veteran television journalist, author, and global expert in leadership, will moderate a panel of experts who will offer practical approaches to prepare you for anything that might come your way. Margery Myers and Laura Fay of Bates, and Tara Goodwin of Goodwin Consulting – all top executive coaches with decades of corporate communications experience – will provide their insights and expertise for building your brand and communicating as the leader of a company that all admire.

They will discuss how to:

  • Evaluate and assess a broad range of risks in every part of your business
  • Bring your organization a strategy for adapting and being agile as things change
  • Write and deliver communication that calms, assures, and wins trust
  • Craft and prepare responses when issues arise, and you don’t have all the answers
  • Develop mission-driven initiative statements that show your company cares
  • Build a powerful “Path Forward” plan to stay the course and thrive


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