Today’s CEOs, executive teams and boards of directors face a very real concern about the leadership pipeline in their organizations. They don’t have enough visibility into who their best leaders are, or even what defines “best.” They don’t know who they can count on for key initiatives, or who to bet on in the future. They can’t answer the question “do we have the right leaders to execute our strategies and drive our business forward?”

While CEOs have sophisticated data and metrics on finance, supply chain, marketing and more to make critical decisions, there is a dearth of the right data about their people and their leadership on their dashboards today. And this is a real risk for the C-Suite and for HR and talent leaders, because they can’t provide the business with the answers and insight they need.

So, what can HR do to catch up, and become the talk of the C-suite when it comes to people analytics?

In this webinar, you will get an answer to that game-changing question. In our latest research, we’ve learned that there’s a huge opportunity right now for HR and the business to work together to gather and analyze better data on leaders. Join experts Suzanne Bates and Andy Atkins to get the “hot-off-the-presses” details on the state-of the-state of people analytics, including:

  • Revealing insights into CEO and C-suite priorities for leadership pipeline and succession
  • Common challenges in gathering and using people and leader analytics – and the opportunities to break ahead of the pack
  • How to get the attention of the CEO by linking leadership analytics to delivering growth, innovation, transformation, and sustainable advantage
  • Easy ways to transform your company dashboard by starting small using leader data to make better decisions about your leadership pipeline

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