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Resources to Help You Ramp Up Your Sales Performance

Developing business is all about having strategic conversations and solving your client's problems. There has never been a more interesting time for CEOs and sales professionals - effective leaders today need to marshal action without draining their talent. As you continue to grow your business and your pipeline this year, feel free to consider these resources - they'll make you think outside the box about your business development strategy. 

Now is the time to build momentum and muscle into your sales process and ramp up your sales team so you can finish the year strong.

We have curated these resources to help you get your sales teams on track, talking to the right people, and closing deals.

Blog Posts

How to Step Up Your Selling Game in a Virtual Environment

Virtual is here to stay. It certainly cuts down on travel time, but virtual selling also comes with it's challenges. How do you read the room when you're not actually in it? Learn best practices for virtual selling, and step up your game now.

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5 Things to Do Now to Have Better Sales Conversations

There are some hard-learned truths and best practices that are sales leader “must-do’s.” These 5 things will help you and your team engage with clients and have better conversations that are more productive for both sides and will help you keep an edge as you navigate these times.

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10 Strategies to Lead Your Team to Strong Year End Performance

The hidden impediment to increasing sales is not the economy, your customer’s budget, or the pandemic. It is within your own organization – and it is fatigue and malaise. Take care of yourself, reset your mindset every day, and every time you talk with your sales leaders and team. Also, check out these 10 tips from Suzanne Bates:

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The Case for Transforming Your Sales Culture Now

Busy executives know that it is hard to find white space on your calendar to spend on strategic thinking. When it comes to transforming your sales culture, its an even harder task. Here's why you need to take inventory of your culture as your organization grows.

I Want to Transform My Sales Culture

Leadership Trends: The NEW Sales Professional in the C-Suite

A dramatic shift in buying preferences of your C-Suite buyers is revolutionizing the marketing world.  Savvy marketers are breaking through the noise, getting attention and building credibility that attracts buyers, however, there’s ample evidence that sales is lagging significantly behind this trend. Learn how to navigate the new sales arena with tips and strategies from Suzanne Bates, CEO. 

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Sales Presentation Success: 7 Strategies to Close More Deals

Every organization knows that sales presentations are a key driver of the sales process. Why then, do we seem to default to the same boring presentations that don't deliver results? Hear proven strategies to exponentially improve your next sales presentation from Suzanne Bates, CEO.  

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Building Client Relationships

Consultative selling is all about asking great questions. After all, we're all in the business of solving customer problems. You won't know which problem you are solving until you ask. 

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Nailing the C-Suite Conversation: How to Improve Your Batting Average

When you're selling to the C-Suite, outstanding communication is required. There's no hiding behind a great presentation on product. If you're selling to the C-Suite in 2020, check out this blog from Bates Principle, Elizabeth Freedman. 

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Case Studies

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Elevating C-Suite Relationship Selling

A Struggling Sales Team Learns the Art of Consultative Selling

Turning Transactional Vendors into Strategic Partners