Bates Virtual Offerings 

Working with Global Teams to Execute Strategy and
Drive Growth


All our services are offered virtually and have been for years. Whether you’re engaged in our executive coaching and advisory, team facilitation, assessment or learning programs, you don’t need any special licenses or software to go virtual with us, from anywhere in the world. We guarantee a live, virtual experience as close to being there as you can imagine.

Virtual Offerings

  • Leader Development and Advisory
  • Team Strategy, Team Development 
  • Leadership Programs
  • Assessment
  • Bates Assessment Certification

Virtual Capabilities

Why Virtual Work is Advantageous

  • Gathers and aligns global teams
  • Polling and group exercises are more efficient 
  • You get a recording 
  • It's a safe space for all to participate
  • Introvert friendly
  • Highly interactive

Virtual FAQs

NEW! How to Lead Great Virtual Meetings

Our new offering, How to Lead a Great Virtual Meeting, is a 90-minute webinar program designed to help you quickly and effectively skill-up your leaders and teams in all the important areas they need to master in the virtual world.

This session is great for:

  • Sales Teams
  • Leadership Teams
  • Project Teams
  • Globally dispersed teams

Learn About the Course

How to Get Started

All of our in-person offerings can be accomplished virtually. For any questions, please contact us at