Bates White Paper: 

Executive Presence for Leadership Teams

While many people think of Executive Presence as an individual quality of leadership, it is also a vital component of high performing teams. A team’s ability to “show up” with a cohesive presence determines their ability to influence and mobilize people to drive results. By collectively and explicitly demonstrating qualities of EP such as resonance, authenticity, vision, confidence, and practical wisdom, the team is able to earn one another’s trust, make more efficient decisions, improve employee engagement, and drive successful change.

In this paper on “Executive Presence for Leadership Teams,” we share practical insights on how leadership teams can address their shared approach to presence and influence, particularly in the context of enterprise-wide business imperatives that require a team effort. We outline how a team-based focus on EP drives a deeper level of alignment and cohesion, and also allows individual members to lift their game as BU or function heads.

Key Takeaways:

  • The research-based Bates ExPI Model of Executive Presence, highlighting the three dimensions (Character, Substance, and Style) and 15 distinct facets proven to drive leadership influence
  • How this model is uniquely reflected in successful leadership teams who drive organizational performance
  • Why the internal and external stakeholders of the LT must experience their collective leadership as deriving from one coherent strategy, vision and mission, and how EP shapes that experience
  • Seven strategies for coaching teams to enhance their executive presence