First 100 Days as CEO
First 100 Days as CEO
The First 100 Days: Get off to the right start in the critical first days on the job.

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The First 100 Days

The First 100 Days in a New Role

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Lessons Learned from an Executives' First Days on the Job


Your first 100 days leading an organization will set the tone for your whole term in that position.
More than at any other time, what you say and do will be scrutinized. What are the best steps to take? 


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Your First 100 Days as CEO: Eight Must-Avoid Traps


In your first 100 days as CEO, you’re living life in a fishbowl. Fairly or not, every one of your meetings, speeches, actions, or announcements may be viewed as a metaphorical answer to the questions that are going to be on people’s minds.


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